Questions About Pure Primax


Trying out a pair of Siginia Pure Primax aids; a few questions about them.

  1. Does the Primax work with the app? If so how do set it up?
  2. Was wearing a pair of Orion aids and have a pair of molds for them. With the Primax aids I have a pair of double domes. Really like the double domes as they don't hurt my ears. Is there a different type of mold that I could try?

So far so good with the Primax aids; they sound a lot better then the Orion aids.


Primax should work with the Signia app as long as your smart phone’s OS is compatible. Basically download app, go to setup and it will ask you to scan printed code into the smartphone that will pair the smartphone with the hearing aids. Your audiologist/hearing aid fitter should be able to give you a print out. If not, you can set up manually, but you won’t have the battery checker. I have no info on molds


This is very similar to my experience, and I am interested in the answers above :grin: