Questions about phone call streaming on MFi aids

When you’re on a call, you hear through your aids, and you speak into the iPhone microphone, right? Does the phone have to be showing some specific screen, or can you, say, look at your calendar and add an event while you’re talking? Can the phone be locked while you’re talking?

No streamer needed, right, just the phone and the aids?

It works just like you were using the phone’s speaker or buds. It is just going to the HA “buds”.

Does that mean you can use an arbitrary app, like Google Calendar, while on a call? Can the phone be locked while you’re on a call? The answers are yes for Android, but I know practically nothing about iPhone.

Yes, I had Android and it’s fine everything similar. You can move around while taking a call.

I’ll be getting my Linz 3Ds set up for my iPhone next week. It’s still not clear to me exactly how it will work. I know the sound from the phone will go to the HAs. The real questions I have are how do you answer a phone call and how do you talk? I guess the real question is does the phone have to be up to your mouth? I’m

You do have to put your mouth near the mic to talk. But you can go to other apps while on the phone.

I have the same aids, and I answer the phone just normally and talk like I am using speaker-phone, except the sound is going directly to my ears. When I want to be more hands-free, I use the phone clip, and then I just have the clip around my neck on a lanyard or on my collar- don’t have to hold it. The phone clip disconnects easily, though. If you use your phone for another blue tooth type application, you have to reconnect.

It works like any other phone. The microphone on the phone picks up your voice and the sound is streamed to your HAs from the call. IPhones have had multitasking for a long while now also.

Do MFi aids lower the volume of ambient sound coming into your ears when you’re on a call, like a virtual phone booth?

Usually the hearing aid has a setting to lower the mic volume with respect to the streaming volume. It’s not a function of the MFI per se, however. It has to be preprogrammed into the hearing aids

On my OPN, i can mute the mic volume manually while the streaming volume is intact by doing a long push on the button. I can also decrease the mic volume incrementally, either via the hearing aid button or via a volume slider on the iPhone MFI interface.

I miss that feature. I went with the Signia Pure Nx based on perceived quality of streaming audio, but they do not provide the muting function that Oticon Opn1 does. I miss that.

It’s funny that the Signia app screenshots on their website show a ‘mute’ function, but it is was subsequently disabled. It was one of the first things I did when talking in a noisy environment. A Signia rep told me Apple forced them to disable that feature, (and it even delayed a product release) I don’t think I believe that.


At least with my Resound 3Ds as long as the call is active (the green bar is at the top) the hearing aids are streaming and they attenuate the sound from the HA microphones a bit. In fact, I can tell my phone is about to ring as it deadens the mics right before it plays my ring tone.

You can tell your audiologist to set the hearing aid microphones to mute a certain amount (i.e. -10 dB) when you are on a call. The nice thing about the Linx3D is that you can also adjust the muting on the app on your iPhone.

For Signia/Rexton/Costco KS8, the muting function is on the Bluetooth device, the Smart Mic (Rexton/KS8). Long press the volume down mutes the hearing aid mics, leaving the streaming. Great for phone calls in a loud environment.

Another question about MFi: Does connection to a car Bluetooth override the MFi aids and call routing, so incoming calls go to the car, and you can make outgoing calls from the car screen?

For my OPN, the regular Bluetooth connection overrides the MFI connection on my iPhone.

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Thanks. It probably works that way with any HA, and I’d guess it’s a defined behavior. Better than what I found with the Phonak BT aids and my Samsung Galaxy S7. The phone allows multiple simultaneous BT phone connections, so it would be connected to HA and car at the same time. Empirically, it directed incoming calls to the most recent connection, which was ok because that was usually the car. Not sure if one could count on that in a future Android version. I tried using a scripting app to drop the connection to the aids (one aid, actually) when the car connected, or if the aids connected while the car was already connected. But the aids don’t give up on reconnecting, so the script made things worse.

On my ReSound 3D it does. (It switches from MFI to BT when I get into the car and the audio in the car pairs with the phone)

Hypothesis: it’s a safety and legal liability thing, lest you not hear, say, a car horn, firetruck siren, train whistle, etc.

I lave the linx 9-2 and I stream phone calls with no issues I wear a holster clip on my phone and I can just rotate it so the mic is facing upwards and the volume is fine for conversations and people hearing and understanding me with no issues, if I read your statement correct you don’t want to say let me check my calendar and have siri pop it open while on a call, this has never once happened to me by just saying it in conversations while on a phone call. the only issue is sometime I get only one aid playing the volume and I have to open and close door of the other one for me to get dolby stereo sound in my ears on a call,LOL…