Questions about Phonak DuoPhone feature

Has anyone tried the Phonak duophone?Is it workable with smartphone, can it connect with two hearing with duophone features or any additional device is needed?How is the call quality?

I don’t find DuoPhone to be that good but it might be my settings.

I use it a lot on phones other than my cell or office phone (I use a Bluetooth connection for those).

I like the duophone thing. You decide which ear will be the main one, and your pro will set them for that. Then when you use a phone, and put the phone up to your main ear, it picks up the conversation and sends it to the other ear. I have found it to work very well. It gives you the phone conversation loud and clear in both ears.

It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you use and there is no extra equipment.


By phone you mean landphone?With mobile will it work?I heard i have to buy some magnet device to activate to use duophone features for mobile or cellphone…

You just switch programs on your aids and put your mobile / cell up to your ear.

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Yes, works with any phone. I have the duophone as program 2 so one click and I’m ready.