Questions about Phonak apps

Well, it doesn’t go away any more after I shut off the audio streaming in the Bluetooth setup.

Perhaps there’s another way to shut off phone sounds so they don’t start to stream when the phone turns on or off. But short of that, streaming audio from the phone will switch the Marvels off the restaurant program.

But so your comment made me think. So I was playing around with it, and I set it to my audi-created custom speech in noise program (with the down button on my marvel). Made the phone click, and the program switched to BT Streaming. But then after a couple of seconds, instead of switching back to Autosense the way it did when I was on the Restaurant program, it switched back to the special Speech in Noise program that I had set.

So somehow that Restaurant program isn’t as sticky as my custom Speech in Noise program.

Dr. Cliff’s comment about a program going away without saving was about it disappearing from the app completely. I think. But I’ll try a custom program this way.

OK, tried it. Strangely, when I switch to my first custom program “John’s Test”, it makes a single chime like I switched to the first audi program with my down button, my custom Speech in Noise. But the app says I’m on my “John’s Test”. Then when I make the phone make a click, it switches to the BT Streaming program for a couple of seconds, and then switches back, but goes to the custom audi Speech in Noise.

So the “extra” programs Restaurant and Music both revert to Autosense after momentary switches to BT Streaming from phone sounds, but a custom saved program reverts to my first audi custom program after momentary switches to BT Streaming.

I think this is a clear bug. If you can corroborate it when you get a chance, I’d appreciate it.

To get the phone to make a sound, I just clicked into the My Phonak custom settings (bottom right settings icon) for a moment, and used the phones “back” virtual button to switch back to the main screen, which makes the click. If you want to reproduce it, make sure you have everything turned on under “System sounds and vibration” in your Android settings. Maybe you just need the first one, “Touch sound”, but I have all of them under that heading turned on.

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Reviving this important thread. It helped me understand why the program chosen in my iPhone (SE with 15.6.1) did not “stick”; closing the phone made the HA revert to automatic. I was thinking of throwing the Phonaks away. It was enough to disable the sound at closing in the phone!