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Good morning all

I have some Phonak Marvel M70s that I purchased earlier this year

At time of purchase the Audi had me download the Phonak Remote app to my IPhone 7 and I’ve been using that. At some point I upgraded to an iPhone XR. Had Audi update Bluetooth profile on my devices and I went on with no issues.

Recently upgraded by iPhone XR to iOS 13.1.2. That upgrade seems to have made the Phonak Remote app useless. The app does not recognize that my Bluetooth is turned on and won’t go past the screen telling me to turn on Bluetooth in phone settings.

So I went to the App Store and downloaded the myPhonak app. And all is well again.

What is the difference in the two apps? Is the myPhonak app the more up to date one?

And one other question regarding Bluetooth with these devices…,
I am typically one that dictates a lot of texts into my phone out in the field. I found with the HA devices connected via Bluetooth the phone would rarely ever dictate correctly. So I have to have the HAs not connected via Bluetooth most of the time.

I want or wish I could connect the HAs to the phone for calls and music streaming but tell it not to use Bluetooth for Messages (texts). I’m sure this was impossible, but is that still true??


The MyPhonak app is the more up to date one. It came out when they did the Marvel 2.0 firmware upgrade. It offers more adjustability than the Phonak Remote did. For specifics, I’d go to the Apple Store and compare features, assuming the Phonak Remote is still there.
I believe you are correct that there is no way to select whether the hearing aid microphones are used when using Bluetooth. That is likely the issue with your dictating during texting. I have no idea if that will ever change.

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Made for iPhone (MFi) hearing aids offer a little more control of things, but Phonak does not use MFi to my knowledge. Even with a MFi hearing aid, I am not sure they could do what you ask, although I don’t believe they use the hearing aid microphones, and always use the microphone on the phone.

I think a made for iPhone hearing aid would solve OP’s issue if I’m correct that issue is using the hearing aid microphones for dictation. I don’t think an iPhone would “care” if hearing aids were connected or not when doing dictation.

Yes you are correct in that the hearing aid microphones are not nearly as good at picking up dictation as is the phone’s microphone. If it weren’t so infuriating it would be comical how the text is miscommunicated when I try and send one while the HAs are connected to the phone.

But getting different HAs is out of the question at this point. So I’ll have to live with this limitation for the next 5 years or so. Too bad because it makes the Bluetooth functionality all but useless for me when at work. And I have little reason to use it at home.

Sorry it turned out this way. I’m going to take this an opportunity to remind people that if hearing aids and phones behaving in certain ways is key to you, investigate thoroughly before purchasing and verify before your trial period ends. This stuff is not intuitive and very few providers are really knowledgeable about how they work.


I have a recollection of seeing a post here about one user defeating the hearing aid microphone feature on a Marvel or KS9 when streaming. There are so many posts about it, I don’t recall where it was.

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Thanks for that. I cannot find any way to accomplish this. Maybe in the software that the Audi uses.

I did just realize on my iPhone XR when I’m getting ready to dictate a text I can touch the upper right part of the screen and drag down the options and disable Bluetooth. Then when I’m done touch and drag again and reenable it.

Problem with that is the HAs don’t seem to re-pair. Unless I go into Bluetooth options and manually disconnect there then reconnect. Too bad. If only they would auto connect again that would be a very viable workaround. I will keep playing with it.

The Marvel 2.0 firmware update for your M70’s will allow connections with more than one device without the need to un-pair and re-pair. Your audiologist can update your M70’s to the 2.0 firmware.

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Good to know. Thanks. Looks like I need to visit my Audi.

The 2.0 firmware update for your M70’s will also add a bunch of new features and controls to the myPhonak app! You’ll love it!

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I just found out something about the app/HA interaction that others may find useful. A while ago I reported that when I changed a program on the MyPhonak app to the Restaurant program, as soon as the phone shut off it would revert to Autosense. Others reported it did not work this way for them, that the program setting was “sticky”. The Phonak support rep said the same thing.

Talking to the Phonak support rep, I finally figured out what the problem was. Since I had the BT set up to stream both audio and phone calls to the HA, the phone was making a “click” when it turned off or turned on. This switched the HA over to the streaming audio program, and then back to Autosense.

So now I have gone into the BT setup on the phone, and switched off audio streaming to the HA (leaving phone call streaming turned on so I can answer phone calls). This way I can use the phone without interrupting TV listening or any custom programs I have set up. If I want to stream music from the phone to the HA, I can go to the BT settings for the HA and switch audio streaming back on.

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That’s very interesting indeed.
Mine behaves the way I would expect and the way others have reported.
I’m wondering if there is some kind of difference with the make/model of phone or the provider.

My phone is an Android Google Pixel 3 XL.
My provider is Google Fi.

What are you using?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Android 9.0, T-Mobile.

Are you implying that you don’t have to turn off streaming audio to get the program change to stay? Does your phone play sounds (app opening click, button click, keyboard tapping sounds) through your HA’s?

One of our differences is that I’m running the latest Android 10 instead of Android 9. Although I’m confident that wouldn’t make a difference in Marvel 2.0 streaming behavior.

No, I do not have to turn off streaming audio to get the program change to stay. When I’m streaming audio I can also hear background noises. Streaming audio isn’t noise cancelling like a noise cancelling headphone would be.

I know you know this but for newcomers I think It should be pointed out that using the remote function you can essentially shut off the microphones while streaming music which does provide some “noise cancelling” effect. I do this quite often when I’m working out in the gym and want to remove outside noise from other’s conversations or equipment banging, etc. It doesn’t do as much noise cancellation as my Bose Headphones, but it idoes cut down the “outside” noise considerably.

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Sorry, Gary, I don’t understand this. Streaming audio activates its own program. Sure, you can go into the app while streaming, change whatever it’ll let you change (like volume I guess). But you shouldn’t be able to change programs “and have it stay” because as soon as you exit you’d be streaming audio again.

I’m not understanding you either. OK. If I decide to open my Primephonic app, I can click on any piece of music I want and it will begin to stream to my Marvels. If I look in myPhonak app I can see that the program currently being used is “Bluetooth streaming + mic 1”.

I can choose to stop streaming my choice of music in the Primephonic app and streaming stops. The “Bluetooth streaming + mic 1” app no longer exists in my list of apps.

I can also choose a different program in the myPhonak app and the streaming also stops. Again the “Bluetooth streaming + mic 1” app no longer exists in my list of apps.

The Android operating system will continue to stream my music no matter what other Android apps I decide to use on my Android phone. Streaming continues until I either stop the musical selection in Primephonic or until I stop or restart the Android OS. This is the way music streaming has always worked with any Bluetooth device I’ve ever used.

This the behavior that I would expect to have happen.

Am I missing something?

All that makes sense. What I was referring to was:

I tried to select the “restaurant” program via MyPhonak app in a restaurant. The audio changed. As soon as the phone shut off, the audio changed back. When I turned on the phone again, it was on “Autosense 3.0”.

I could not get the HA’s to stay on the “Restaurant” program that I selected in the MyPhonak app.

To get it to work, I didn’t “turn off streaming audio” in the sense of stopping an audio program going. What I said was:

This way, none of the clicks of the phone switching on and off go to the HA. So now when I select a program (like “Restaurant”) on the MyPhonak app, the phone doesn’t try to stream the click of the phone shutting off to the HA, so the HA doesn’t switch to the streaming audio program to play the click, so the HA doesn’t swtich off the Restaurant program.

Aha! My apologies for being dense! :confused:
My Marvels are in their charging case.
I’ll give this a go tomorrow when I put the Marvels back in again.
I think you will actually have to create a new restaurant program and save it in order for it to not go away. That’s what I remember from watching one of Dr. Cliff’s videos.
I think the restaurant program you are trying to do something with is actually part of the AutoSense OS 3.0 and you can do things with it but it will go away as soon as you leave it.
Does that make any sense?

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