Questions about getting an implant


im Talal 28 Y , im lossing hearings since 6 month ago . couse Viral fever in ritght side.
ABR planning was before injury 40, I hear well without a hearing aid, and now 90 is the last ABR a month ago. My left side its like 60-70 and im using hearing aid when im have 7-8 years i remembered. so now my doctor told me i need the implant but couse covid-19 im waiting until now . i read more for CI implant in website but some info not clear , so please answer me for some questions.

1- Dose ABR its detrmine the type CI implant ?

2- what different N7 and kanso 2 ( or 1 ) ?
can any one chose it or some ABR ?

3- Will high tinnitus after the get CI disappear yet?

4- How much will I need after the implant, that the hearing be back and understood?

5- i read more for cochelar. AB and Med whos is the better for ur experience?

i hope for everyone will benefit from my questions .



can i get ur advice @Deaf_piper

1 - Not sure what you mean by type of implant. You mean brand?
2 - N7 is a behind the ear processor with a coil at the end of a wire that attaches to your internal implant via magnet. Kanso is an off the ear processor that attaches directly over the internal implant via magnet. They generally have the same features though there are some differences in for example battery life.
3 - No way to predict. Some people it gets worse, some people it gets better, some people unaffected. I find my tinnitus is reduced in the implanted ear when I take the implant off but by the morning when I wake up it’s back to normal. At least, so far. Only been a few days activated for me.
4 - Most folks need a lot of listening practice with stuff they’re familiar with, familiar voices, audiobooks, movies, music, to be able to understand speech well. It can take months or even longer.
5 - Ultimately that’s your choice. I went with Med-El due to their complete cochlear coverage, never having a recall, and the fact that they make their implants in their own factory.


i mean anyone can get any type Without referring to ABR ? for ex :
you can chose N7 or kanso ? Or there are some requirements to achieve this

Thanks for support

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Oh, I get it. That’s the processor, not the implant. A current Cochlear brand Nucleus Profile Plus implant works with either of their processors, the Kanso 1 (2 isn’t out yet in the US, but it will be shortly) or the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor. The implant is generally chosen by the surgeon, and it’s based on what they have experience with, and what they feel best suits the size and shape of your cochlea. This would be determined by an MRI and/or a CT scan. Some people have long cochlea (cochlear duct, it’s called more officially I guess), some short, some have obstructions due to prior medical conditions like meningitis.

How you hear, which is what the ABR helps determine, doesn’t really play a role, except in candidacy. The function of your cranial nerves is important to the way the CI operates.

Me, I’ve got a Med-El Synchrony 2 implant with a Flex28 electrode and a Sonnet 2 behind-the-ear sound processor.


thanks , can i read ur story( if u have post before send link ) with CI and how many month now

@Toti most ENT surgeons will suggest the brand that they are more familiar working with surgically. If you want a different brand eg Cochlear, AB, or Med-el you will need to contact the Cochlear company you prefer and ask them for a surgeon they recommend to do your implant operation.

You do your research on the 3 leading brands. Choose the one that suits your life style best. One that your employment fits into the scenario as well. Eg if you spend a lot of your word day on the phone you might want to choose one that direct streams to both ears.

I didn’t have an ABR so not always necessary. I had a 2 hour thorough assessment to see if I was a suitable recipient for a CI.

Tinnitus-thats a very difficult question. Very individual, some disappear totally, some dont. Mine I can’t hear with my processor on and working.

To get the best “hearing result” after activation you need to do a lot of rehab. I did 2 hours religiously and will continue until after mt final assessment.

I have Cochlear N7 with L522. For me I didn’t have a choice. I live in the city where Cochlear was invented by Prof Graeme Clark. So the only ENT hospital here deals in one brand only. That’s how I got the N7. I looked into getting AB but the cost of travel and mapping was exorbitant. So stayed with N7. For which I am for ever grateful. The best thing since sliced bread for me.

Talal my story is here My hearing journey starts again


I ha e only been activated a few days, this is my story so far.

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Thanks for reply , about ur N7 when kanso2 is available later . what the upgrade Requirements ? for ur advice.

Regards .

@Toti the Kanso2 won’t be available here in Australia until next year sometime at the earliest.

For me I get an upgrade in July 2022, this will be automatically be done. Because of the private health cover I have, I’m entitled to a upgrade every 3 years.

I’m hearing rumours the next version of the N7 (?N8) will be close to being available by then. Because I have a 5 series implant I’m not sure if my implant will allow me to have the Kanso 2. I know most of the 6 series will be able to be used by both N7 & Kanso2. As it’s at least 2 yrs away from an upgrade for me I haven’t looked into it.

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One advantage of Med-El; they commit that all their processors will work with all their implants.


I sure thought new processors were designed to function with older implants too. That’s one of the good things about Cochlear I remember. Your series 5 implant just might support the newer processors.


Just found this. It may answer your question.

The Kanso 2 Sound Processor is compatible with the Nucleus Profile Plus, Nucleus Profile Series, CI500 Series, CI24RE (Freedom) Series, CI24R and CI24M implants. The Kanso 2 Sound Processor will not be compatible with the Nucleus® 22 (N22) Implant due to the Kanso 2 Sound Processor’s size and coil type


I think the Kanso won’t work for @Deaf_piper because she uses a ear mold to get her low frequencies naturally.

I’m sorry if I’ve totally got this wrong Deaf_piper.


@Zebras I have a mold on my L aid. My R has the CI with hybrid attachment and dome.


I think some info for @Zebras not correct.
i read in this forum some one have implant use kanso and N7 both .els dose kanso 2 not work in the low Frequency .

@Deaf_piper, @phobos512

@Toti I don’t have a Kanso so I’m not able to answer that question

@Toti No it’s not that it’s that @deaf_piper still has residual hearing so she has a combination cochlear implant sound processor and hearing aid with her N7. The Kanso can’t do that since it’s off the ear.


@Toti also when I had my implant the Kanso didn’t support WiFi. This I why I choose N7, for WiFi and BT purposes. I had an iPhone and I wanted to use the nucleus app on my iPhone instead of carring around the remote control.
Another issue that @phobos512 bought up, my residual has been preserved. I have a hybrid attachment on my N7 to bring in the high frequencies. The Kanso does not support the hybrid attachment.

Great, other L side u use HA or without.
About frequency high/ down a new info i think before all CI implant its seem deferent inside technology , i think N7 or ready the best because lasted next upgrade kanso 2 . I think
Nothing behind the ear for the future forever .