Questions about Frequency Therapeutics FX-322

How do you think about FX-322? Do you have confidence in this kind of thing? Do you think this technology can be realized in ten years?

They are four months away from completion of their phase 2a study. After that there may be another phase 2 study you’d think and then phase 3. If they don’t have fda approval within ten years I’d say it’s never going to happen for this particular drug.

They’ve already shown that FX-322 works to some extent and for some people. The question is does it work well enough and for enough people to make it worthwhile? The last trial showed improvements in thresholds only for some subjects with moderate to severe loss and only at the highest frequency tested. That improvement was about 10 decibels. But thresholds were shifted which is something that was thought impossible not that many years ago. Adjustments to dosage and new drug delivery methods may improve on that result.

So yes. I believe that it’s more than possible. If not FX, then someone else. It’s a very active field of research.

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Correction on the above. Yes, they are four months away from their original estimated completion date, but I’ve heard on another forum that they’re still recruiting. The final testing on each subject is done 210 days after the initial injection. So that’s 7 months after the final subject gets their initial injection before all the data is in. On past performance it may be 5 or 6 months after that before they release any results. It may be 18 months or more from now before we hear anything.

This is the trial: FX-322 in Adults With Stable Sensorineural Hearing Loss - Full Text View -