Questions about Cochlear Implants

!. When did you have the surgery to get your cochlear implant?

  1. After you were implanted, how long did it take before you were able to see benefit from the implant?

  2. What situations are best for listening with your implant?

  3. What situations are hardest for you when listening with your implant?

  4. What complaints do you have about your cochlear implant?

  5. Do you feel like your cochlear implant has lived up to what your audiologist and/or surgeon told you it would do?

  6. Do you think you do better with the implant as compared to when you had hearing aids?


1.a year ago
2. 6 month
3. In all environment
4. It just made my life easier
5. I heard nothing during activation at all, just waited for all my auditory neuron to wake up and start firing nerve impulses, my was staged activation during the 6 month period.
6. YES, my audiologist was right all along
7. YES, speech in noise is far better with the implant and music is just soo much richer with the implant than with my hearing aid in the other ear/


Wow… thank you so much for your reply…

  1. July 8 this year.
  2. I could understand speech at activation…
  3. Any situation is good.
  4. So far I haven’t found any hard situations that make it difficult to listening.
  5. Absolutely none! It’s brilliant.
  6. Much better than I expected.
  7. I struggled to hear in many situations with HA’s. So far I haven’t found 1 situation that I haven’t been able to cope with.

I have a Hybrid EAS attached to my N7 with this I get a richer fuller sound than before than just the N7.