Questions about buying Aids

I’m new to this forum. In Feb. I took a hearing test and it showed that I had profound hearing loss. The questions that I have are.

(1) I would like to try a pair of Aids on before I buy them, so that I can see if makes a improvement or not. Can you do this?

(2) I was going to buy them at Costco, since they had a HA that work with the loss that I have. As anyone gotten a demo pair from Costco?

Also a newby here.

I have worn Costco HA’s for 5 or 6 years and have never been very happy with them. They are analog Siemens that don’t have enough power.

Everyone says I need new ones and I had a hearing test by an Audioligist that was recommended by a hearing specialist (MD) who said I wasn’t a candidate for implants.

I would like some advice on brands, dealers, etc. in the Orange County, CA area. (I am so glad I found this forum and don’t know if anyone is allowed to do any recommending). Also where is the spell checker icon?

Where you able to try before you bought your HA’s from Costco?

Hey, I grew up in Orange County (and we never did call it the “OC”!).

One place to check for audiologists is the American Academy of Audiology’s website: You can ask any friends or family members with hearing aids who they go to.

(By the way, the spell check is up at the top right corner of the grey reply screen).

No, that was not an option.

Really? I think you might not have asked, as it’s required by law in CA. You have 30 days to try a hearing aid without risk and every time I bought HA’s from Costco, they mentioned the trial and it was in the contract.

I’ve actually gotten hearing aids from the Costco in Tustin and Yorba Linda ( back in the 90’s). Both places mentioned the trial.

So what do you have to pay up front to try them out?


As with most audi’s, you’d have to pay when they give them to you. After your first fitting. Your trial period starts after your first fitting. Also, I looked at my receipt from one of my hearing aid purchases from Costco ( I know, I keep everything, especially when it can be used for a tax deduction), and it was actually a 60 day trial period. So better than most audis.

Never asked, but does your trial sart over when you trial a different pair or is it allpart of your 30 or 60 day period?

I’ve never asked. I’d presume you’d have a different trial period for a different pair.

While I can’t say with absolute certainty but I think the trial period starts over if you return one pair of HAs and get another pair.

Thank you. I had not ask, just curious.

Thanks for the information. I’m going to there tomorrow and find out some more information.

I haven’t been able to hear very well in my Right hear for about 6 months now. And the Dr. first said that there was some liquid in the ear. He gave me some medicine, it didn’t help. I went for a hearing test and I was told that I need HA’s. I went back to a different Dr. and was told that my ear was fine. I told the Dr. that I wasn’t able to hear well, she said that I needed to have another hearing test since the one was done by a reputable place.

So I’m thinking of giving some HA’s a try and see if they improve my hearing because I can’t wait another six months for a hearing test that I have already done.