Question regarding Baha start?

Hi Know someone who is unable to wear hearing aids due to the fact they cause them a large amount of discomfort and to go dizzy they have had this investigated and no cause could be found for what could be causing this they have had mri’s done and various investigations with no reason being found. I recently found out about the Baha start and was wondering if this would be a possible solution to the fact they can not wear hearing aids. They do not want to undergo any kind of surgery but if this was a possible solution I believe they have a moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears with one being slightly worse than the other. If anyone knows if this would be a good long term solution i would be grateful

BAHAs work mainly for conductive losses and a little bit of SN losses so if the SN loss is too great, then a BAHA wouldn’t work.

BAHA work for SSD as well purely because SSD have a working cochlear on one ear.

@Zebras thanks for that info I’m not sure what kind of hearing loss it is that they have but I know that they really struggle in noisy situations and they have tried wearing hearing aids in the past and just did not like the way they made them go dizzy and feel sick so they had it investigated to see if there was a cause for this but nothing was found

Sounds like BAHA would be a poor solution.

Their next step is to figure out whether hearing aids make them dizzy because of the physical fit or the gain. The easy way to figure this out is to wear the hearing aid turned off. Their clinician should be able to work with them to find a solution. If not, find a different audiologist.

@Neville Thanks they have this and tried wearing it turned off and tried different size domes on the suggestion of there audiologist who was thinking at first it may have been to do with the fitting or something but nothing changes and they get the same reaction if anything is put in there ears it was investigated by two different audiologist’s and no cause was found so no luck on that front which is why I was wondering about the Baha start as a solution

If your friend doesn’t want to have any sort of surgery, then there are Baha headbands. These don’t work nearly as well as implanted device. By the way, a post can be installed for a Baha with very minimal “surgery”. I think it can be done in an office visit. And it’s easily removed in an office procedure as well. minimally invasive. The processor simply attaches to the post and can be removed nightly or whenever one wishes.
I have the Cochlear Osia and that requires that part of the unit be placed under the skin near the ear, on the mastoid bone. It’s a simple procedure that doesn’t go into the middle or inner ear at all–it all takes place on the outer part of the mastoid bone. So no risk to the workings of the ear.
But yes, your friend needs to determine what sort of loss he or she has. If it’s conductive, a Baha of some sort may be a good choice. I really like mine a lot!

Unfortunately they do not want to have any kind of surgery so would be willing to have something that can be worn like the Baha. Start and just taken off like a band that goes round there head

So it’s probably pressing on the auricular branch of the vagus nerve. They need to check to see if it’s just one or both ears, and then they can still try a custom tip with very shallow insertion to see if they can get aroud it. Even a tapered custom tip with a regular length canal may be enough to reduce the pressure point, they could start there and trim the earmold back slowly. They may need to put a bit of money into it (earmolds), but there are more things that they can try before giving up on traditional hearing aids.

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@neville Thank you very much for trying to help but unfortunately i don’t they are ever going to wear hearing aids because if they can’t even stand the doctor using the instrument to look in the ear without some discomfort and feeling ill or having their ears cleaned or anything that maybe put in the ear i don’t think even with moulds they are going to have any luck they have no intention of ever going back to trying hearing aids they were asked this by there last audiologist and they told them they did not want hearing aids again all they want is something they can use in noisy environments so as they don’t feel left out of conversation and then be able to just take it off without having anything in the ear

Oh, yes, a complete lack of motivation is certainly a barrier.

In that case, depending on their hearing loss they might be able to get away with a Roger On with a Roger Neckloop plugged into a pair of over-the-ear headphones.