Question re Widex Evoke 330

Quick question as I go to my audiologist tomorrow. Does anyone know if the Widex Evoke hearing aids stream directly to the iPhone or whether you have to have the com-dex thing plugged into your iPhone jack?

Should stream directly to iPhone

Depends on which Evoke model you’re getting. The Fusion 2 RIC offers direct streaming to iPhone. Other Evoke models use the COM-DEX for streaming, but it’s wireless and doesn’t require the headphone jack.

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Thanks! It’s so confusing. My audiologist told me I didn’t need the com-dex unless I had an android phone and that the Evoke 330 aids stream directly to the iPhone. Sure hope she is right, or I’m not getting them. She has told me three times now I don’t need any secondary device; just the hearing aids and my phone. So hard to know what to believe. I guess she’s going to be as unhappy as I am if I go in and have to have a separate streamer because I will be going to straight to Costco for the KS8 hearing aids. I was only going to the Widex because they are supposed to be better for music and my insurance covers almost the entire cost. Crossing fingers she has been honest with me, but I have this sinking feeling.

I feel better. I just called two different audiology practices other than mine and they both confirmed the Evoke Fusion II 330 streams directly. Thanks so much everyone! This forum is such a great wealth of information.

Now to just learning how to use hearing aids - ha ha!

What made you not trust your practitioner’s answer?

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What made you not trust your practitioner’s answer?

I made the mistake of going on a Widex webpage which evidently was an older webpage. Not sure why it popped up in the browser as current. In any case, it didn’t have up-to-date information, so it gave me pause. So far I really like my audiologist. I’m just new to all of this and don’t want to make an expensive mistake, even with insurance helping.

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This is great news (and new to me). I’m currently wearing the Unique Passion 440s with a COM-DEX unit. It works well with phone calls. In my case, there seems to be a distortion hiccup when streaming media. Please keep us posted about your experience (in this thread or start another).

The Evoke platform is brand spanking new with little “real world use” information available. Those who are on the frontline can help us in the bleachers learn if they live up to the hype, especially as they are adopted more broadly.

Thanks for the thread and for the info!

I sure will be happy to. I’m happy to be the guinea pig. I’ll try and post tomorrow afternoon to give my first day impressions. Thanks!

I’m adding my post where I just responded to my other thread to let you know what I thought of the Widex. Like them a lot so far! Here’s my post from my other thread. Thanks everyone!

Well, I got the Widex. I’m actually trialing the 330s for now and so far I absolutely love them. Have not found a situation (noisy restaurant/bar, work, church, speak easy, driving, etc.) where I have had any problems. Streaming has been so seamless I’ve actually fallen asleep twice with them on while streaming a Netflix movie in bed. Haven’t had any trouble with drop off in streaming in either ear, which I was a little concerned about. Haven’t had too much of a chance to play yet with the evoke sound sense learning thing because I’ve been working too much and too late in the evening, but I’m looking forward to playing around with it a bit. I lasted 6 days on the 312 battery, with Bluetooth streaming the entire time, which I felt was pretty good.

As far as music, so far I’ve only been able to trial them with my electronic digital grand at home (which I got so I could play at night without driving the neighbors crazy with Beethoven or Brahams late or night, or Carole King (ha ha). So far, it’s not been nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I haven’t had much distortion in the higher registers, which was my biggest concern, and no real issues with feedback or distortion at other levels and frequencies, nor with trying differing sounds, piano, organ, harpsichord, etc. I’m planning on getting some Bluetooth earphones and trying to key in that way so that I can play during the night again (I think there is an adaptor I need to get that I’ve read about through Yamaha).

Will be trialing the aids on a concert grand this weekend, and a three manual pipe organ, so I’ll let everyone know how that goes. I have been able to use them with my office phone without a telecoil just holding it slightly above my ear near the mic, which is nice.

Haven’t had difficulty with wind noise or noise in car either, which the one other time I tried hearing aids was just awful. They seem to pretty seamlessly go from one environment to another without a lot of issues.

One thing I found very nice was when I was playing in a bar environment, there was a very very loud drunken lady to my right slightly behind me. I was able to use the app and position the directional mic such they it toned her down and made her much less unpleasant.

So, so far so good. My audiologist has a musician coming in to meet with me next week for fine tuning regarding the piano (I’ve been keeping track of which notes seem loud or brassy on a chart, so I can show him the frequencies against the notes), so hopefully that helps.

I’ll let everyone know how the next few weeks go. I’ve got my fingers crossed. So far, I’m very pleased.

You can try the Widex Unidex device straight to your HAs. It connects to the ear phone output.

I’m trying it this weekend - will let you know how it goes!

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