Question on open fit domes for YES

i dont seem to be getting a perfect fit with the size of the open domes on my YES IXs. i tried both the Large and Small sizes. the large one seems too large (they go out of shape when inserted) and the smaller ones seem too small (comes loose easily, even with the clip). Isnt there a medium size? and do i have to use domes from phonak or are there third party domes i can buy elsewhere which fit me perfectly?

thanks for any info guys :slight_smile:

by the way, the power loss issue seems solved for now. got my left receiver unit replaced. the right one seems to be behaving, tho it died on me once. could be a bad battery. However, i’m intriqued with what someone said the other day on the forum about the thin WIRE and how easily breakeable it is while not being noticeable to the naked eye. could it be the problem on my previous YES Vs’ power loss issue? just wondering.

Well I had custom moulds made and it made a massive difference for me. Without them, I was at the limit of my hearing loss, but with custom moulds, I was well within. Yes the custom moulds are more visible, but I don’t really care about that any more. Also the custom moulds are far more comfortable, an remove any occlusion feeling.

There are small, medium & large open domes.

Each variant has a long and short shank option.

Recently in addition to the open tipped domes, a version with a ‘gridded’ tip has been added … to ensure the wax trap below can’t come adrift I suppose.

So there are 3 x 2 x 2 i.e. TWELVE variants of open dome.

On top of that you have tulip and power dome families … sheesh …

所谓螺杆空压机等排气量计算法是指在排气量不变的情况下, 随着排气压力的增加或减小, 电机功率随之增大或减小(即所需总扭矩随之增大或减小) 。此种计算方法在我们的销售过程中常常会遇到。

I seem to be having some difficulty with domes slipping back out of the ear canal. I have tried the medium and large sizes. Does anyone have a suggestions for a different style of open dome?

Try the tulip domes. They work pretty well for me but I’ve learned it matters how the “petals” are oriented and each ear is different. In the left I have the large petal on the lower side and on the right they basically fall out if I have the large petal on the bottom so through trial and error I keep twisting the dome until I get the large petal at the angle where it doesn’t slide out. I know this sounds strange but there is a big difference in retention depending on how the petals are oriented.

I’ve had my first HA for about 4 months. The molds (domes) were custom made. I had no trouble adjusting to them and they seem to fit perfectly. They aren’t to tight (they come out easily) but never have worked their way lose. I had assumed that almost everyone who spent thousands on HA would get custom made domes as standard.
No one would buy shoes in either small, medium or large. Ears probably vary more than feet. Mine are open fit so that the low freq. can pass thru unaltered.