Question on hearing aid

I have a set of Unitron element 16 hearing aids.

These units come with a sound tube which has a basket attached to each end that goes into my ear.

My question is what purpose does this basket serve other than to cause itching and annoying filling of my ear canel.

I have tried it with the basket off and it feels ok for the short period i used them that way. Maybe they are used to center the sound tube ? or act as a holding devise for the sound tube ?

Thanks in advance for any answer.


Yes, it sometimes can make it very itchy!

You may want to talk to your audi about other options available and possibly using a different method to secure the tip without using the current setup.


My main question really is what is the purpose of the baskets ?

                                  1) Do they help to reflect the sound from the aids                                 
                                      to the ear ?

                                  2) Do they just center the sound tube ?

                                  3) Or are they there just to itch me ?


ps Is there any reason they must be used ?