Question on best fit for RIC:Closed dome vs. open dome, etc

I just got fitted with Siemens Centra Active with a 55 db receiver and using an 8mm closed dome. When I was fitted , he said my canal is on the smaller side. I find that I have to keep shifting the receiver to maximize my hearing, which is moderately severe in just my left ear (sudden inner ear deafness). I find when I close over my ear lobe, I get my best hearing, bringing back a “stereo effect”. Does anybody have experience to compare domes vs. double domes vs. open / closed vs. receiver molds?

I’d appreciate any input! :confused:

He had to go to a closed dome due to feedback. Had he used an open dome with your serity of loss then the aid would continously feedback(Squeal/Whistle). The 55dB receiver can also have a custom mold made for it from an ear impression of your ear. Also you could ask him to use a 65dB receiver with a custom mold(if would fit in your ear canal) Vs. the 55db receiver. This would increase your fitting range for down the road if your loss gets much worse.