Question for those who are taking a diuretic or know side effects of it

The procedure is dexamerhasone perfusion of the labyrinth via the round window

This seems to be a decent link on Meniere’s disease from Mayo Clinic. There are a lot of unknowns. Meniere's disease - Diagnosis and treatment - Mayo Clinic

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Perfusion with dexamethasone is a treatment, not a condition. Is it Meniere’s disease, as suggested by MDB?

Yes it is. This is a diagram showing the fluid in normal ear image

This one is not normal image

I’m fuzzy on this in general and not quite sure what your “it” refers to. My attempt at understanding follows. As described in the Mayo post, Meniere’s disease is complicated and is thought to involve fluid in the inner ear. This (fluid in inner ear) might be referred to as labrynthitis or otitis interna. Fluid in the middle ear might be called otitis media. Otitis often implies infection, but technically means inflammation. Anybody is welcome to add clarification to the above.

My bad, “it” is “meniere’s” .

The way mine works as I understand it from the MD who performed the treatment, the part of your ear that holds fluid (sorry I don’t remember what it’s called) gets to much fluid. There is supposed to be some in there but when to much is produced that’s when problems occur. In my case loss of hearing, fullness and loud noise as with tinnitus.

I was going to Duke for my Menieres and have since stopped. I also have a heart condition which makes me a bad candidate for surgery so there was really no reason to keep going back. They offered me shots into my ear as a possible relief but from what I read it could have made my hearing even worse. I just passed. Now I just take the meclazine and Zoloft when needed. At least my symptoms have improved but I think that’s just the nature of the Menieres progression.

If this is any help to you, here is my situation (please consult with your doctor though):

Developed Menieres disease in one ear when I was 45 (about 7 years ago).
Symptoms started with tinnitus, then vertigo (Benign positional vertigo), then gradual hearing loss in that ear.
ENT offered to do shots, but I declined.
ENT suggested diuretic, but I declined.
Decided to watch (decrease) my sodium intake, eliminate caffeine from my diet, and added 125mg of Magnesium supplement daily. After doing so I did not have any more vertigo episodes, and tinnitus got better but not eliminated.
Hearing continued to get worse over time but eventually “stabilized” at a moderately severe to severe level for the last two years.
Got fitted for an Oticon S2 hearing aid about a year ago which has been working fine for me in my bad ear.

I have been a vegetarian for the last 16 years but not sure how that would play into any of this, but given nutrition plays a crucial role in just about any health related issue, I’m sure it was a factor at some level (either positively and/or negatively).

Also, if you are on blood pressure medications, grapefruit is likely a contraindication for you and should be avoided (I saw a mention of taking grapefruit in one of the posts above).