Question for Phonak Brio Users

I am having a problem with my aids. I use program 1 and they sound fine, however, if I remove the right one the volume in the left one drops too low to hear very well. This means I could never use the right aid as a stand alone if I had to. I know the right one transmits sound to the left one as my right ear hearing is much worse than the left.

It seems to me that the volume in the left aid should be loud enough for me to hear without the right aid transmitting sound to the left aid.

I called the Costco audiologist as he is 60 miles away. He had me change to the second program and that fixed the problem. He said that is how the aids are designed to work. I find that hard to believe. In program 1, which I prefer, if someone is sitting on my left, the aid will not pick up and amplify the sound. I will be hearing the sound picked up by the right aid and transmitted to the left aid. I cannot believe they were designed to work that way. Basically the audiologist is saying I cannot use program 1.

Can anyone tell me if their aids work the same? Thanks

You are describing them as if they were a CROS set and I don’t think that’s what they do (I’m certainly not an expert though). It is really easy to check. Turn them both off (open the battery doors). Turn on and put the right one on normally. Leave the left one off. Does the right one work? You can move your finger over the microphone on the hearing aid, to get the scratchy sound, to verify. If you can hear it in your right ear it is not trying to transmit to the left. Turn on and place the left one in your left ear normally. Repeat the scratchy test on the right one. Still hearing it in your right ear only? Using little tests like this you can prove to yourself what it is really doing.

Your pro may have said that they talk to each other but he probably meant for volume changes and program changes.

WOW, I do not visit this site very often. I did as you said and the right definitely does transmit to the left. Thanks for the response.