Question for all you CROS wearers


What brand of hearing aids do you wear with your CROS? And are you happy with them?

My left ear has lost high frequency. My audiologist will be giving me Phonak Audeo B-90:10, premium new technology and Widex to try for trial. I have problems with word recognition in public places, wattresses, clerks, etc.

I have been wearing, for 6 years, Phonak NaidaQ50 Ric which is standard level.

I’m willing to try anything that may help at this point that my budget will allow. With the new Phonak and CROS the total is 3.990.00 and that’s with a discount of $250. Thank you forum.



Love my phonks. Didn’t try. Widex. Hit it right the first time with REM. Have added speech in loud noise and music



Hearing aids are a huge piece of the puzzle of solving your understanding problem, but not the only one.

You need to be practicing Aural, or Auditory Rehabilitation. There are numerous programs available, some free, some that you have to pay for, but all of them will give you some results if practiced regularly.

Most of us will spend 75 to 90% of our time in rather sedate environments, with very little time spent in more complicated situations overall. As such, we don’t have to opportunity to “train our brain” to understand better in such situations. Aural Rehab gives you that opportunity.

Good luck.



That’s very interesting, Aural Rehab, never heard of it. Thank you I will check it out.



Thank you. I see your hearing test is much better than mine. I’m hoping I can say what you have said, “Love my Phonks”, but you probably don’t wear a CROS it wasn’t mentioned in your reply.



Mine are BICROS. moderate loss on left/ profound on right (zero WR)



My audiologist won’t let me try a hearing aid in left ear due to loss of high frequency. I’ve been told I should get another opinion and try a hearing aid and CROS last resort. Have you had any opinions on this with your BICROS?



If you have hearing loss in left why the Heck don’t they want to try a hearing aid if you have some word recognition at all???
If you dont have WR then the logical thing is a CROS to send sound to good ear with no loss
Or BICROS as i have to send it ti hearing aid on the side with some hearing which was s what my Phonaks do. Can now answer the phone on the side with no WR as the microphone is so good!



Sorry to bother you again, but what is the abbreviation WR mean?

Audi said I have no high frequency in left ear and only 12% lower frequency is why they don’t do a hearing aid.



Okay, WR is word recognition.



Last time I checked auditory training for individuals with hearing loss only increased confidence. But I would love for this to be otherwise, if you have references.



Misunderstood. The loss you describe is on the side that needs the CROS not the good ear. That would explain why you aren’t trying a hearing aid on the worse side if they feel an aid won’t help (as they told me on my bad side. For me all an aid would do would give me annoying very low sounds which when amp,ivied would be painful



Unfortunate but true that there are few “scholarly articles” or in depth, long term studies to pull from. Most articles and studies are small sample, and short term. Four weeks to two months. My own personal belief is that you aren’t going to rehab 10 to 20 years of hearing degradation with four weeks of training.

I know in my own experience, I have had several patients over the last few years who really dedicated themselves to practicing 4 or 5 times weekly, and have seen some encouraging results.

Almost all of them say that their ability to listen, or try to listen is enhanced, stamina of listening if you will, is improved. Many of them have shown some improvements in discrim in quiet, and most of them found themselves much more comfortable in noisy situations.



Thank you, I will check on it further.



Thank you, I was just wondering if a hearing aid would be better in my bad ear and you explained it. I do like my CROS, it does work fine.



Why do you put scholarly studies in quotes?



I have Phonak CROSS II and Audéo V50. It works well for me.



I tried the Phonak BiCros that became available 2 years ago. Not sure of the model but remember my audi said it was top of the line with all the added features. Used batteries, not rechargeable. I did not notice any improvement at all with conversation in any location with the least bit of noise. I wore them diligently 12 or more hours a day. At the end of the trial period, I returned them since no benefit for conversation.
I now have one Resound Quattro fo my better ear with a MultiMic. This aid provides much more benefit, is more comfortable and rechargeable.



Hi, I hope you have an answer for me. Since you are wearing Phonak Audeo B-90 I think can you tell me how to get the battery out of the unit. It seems to have plastic around the battery and doesn’t pop out like other hearing aids. It’s the weekend and my audiologist is not available.

Thank you, Karen