Question for all who enjoy music

…but do not enjoy either cranking up the volume to obsurd heights and/or distorting the music, or it being too loud and hurting your ears.

I am a senior in an Engineering magnet high school and I am creating a headphone that not only cancels noise, but allows for individual ear control as well. They can be applied for people who suffer from either hearing loss, as well as people who suffer from extreme sensitive hearing. Now, this technology is around and available seperately, but the options are bulky and cover your entire head which is not so suitable for public use. In other words, they have no sex appeal. My design will cover the individual ear, yet look sleek and modern. The functionality stays the same, but they look just like modern headphones you can find in radioshack or related stores. Another important thing is cost. The current options are EXPENSIVE. I am trying to make the cost of my product into an affordable package without sacrificing any of the quality.

My question to you is this. Would you be interested?

Also, if you wouldn’t mind, could you please complete this brief survey?

  1. Do current headphones adequately meet your needs? If not, why? If yes, how?

  2. What is your current biggest gripe with middle-of-the-road headphones? Details please.

  3. Based on individual ear hearing loss (i.e. one having more “dead spots” than the other), would you be interested in a headphone that offers individual ear control on top of a master volume?

  4. Is fashion a factor in your purchases?

  5. Is comfort a factor in your purchases?

Thank you!