Question for admin

I am in the market for hearing aids. There’s a little bit on the web about some new aids coming out in the next two months–both high end. One is from Oticon and will incorporate wireless technology; the other is an aid called Velocity from Sonic Innovations. have you heard anything about either of these?

Yes, typically at the American Academy of Audiology show in April of every year, practically every manufacturer releases their newest products.

Yes, the Sonic Innovations product is called Velocity and I as well as many US and Canadian accounts will be going to the first training for the model in mid May and they are anticipating a full release at the end of May.

I will post the benefits of the new models by Sonic Innovations, Phonak and some other manufacturers we currently deal with often. I am sure that Oticon is also coming out with new models and will report as I find out.

It appears that more and more of the technology will be moving toward better data logging, better adaptive feedback cancellations systems, better automatic switching between programs and easier programming abilities. How much this will translate into better hearing and understanding of speech will be what I am interested in.

I certainly hope that we can offer users a great sounding, easy to use hearing aid set that is cost effective at the same time.