Question After More Research

I was doing more research and have another question to ask the Forum. I am also interested in the Widex Inteo. They are one that I originally went looking for information on. If the money were no factor would the Inteo be the better aid to chose or stick with the Phonak Savia like I am leaning towards now. I am the one with the thread about Savia verses Syncro. I just want the best possible sound I can get. I ma still undecided on remote or automatic controls. I have only had automatic for the last 6 years, but I can see where having control may be a good thing as long as I can keep up with the remote.
For those who haven’t read the other thread I have worn Beltone from 1982 until 2003 and Audibel from 2003 to present so that is my base line for comparison. My last 6 years have been with analogue programmable first then digital the last 3 years. I think I have a god sound now but am being told the Savia, Syncro and Innova all beat the sound I know. So if anyone know about Widex Inteo compares to Savia I would love to hear you point of views. Thank you for any help I get.

Hi, I talked this guy who has “Inteo”. He said that he loves it. It has 8 programs, but only choose 5 programs.

I will be trying “Inteo” on Monday and I can give you more information when I try them on. I also heard this is the best hearing aids in the market.


The Inteo’s are also very good and should be comprable to the Savia.

The only difference would be that on the Savia, you can choose whether you want to the instrument to be automatic (autopilot) and change between 4 programs and choose to use the remote and have both autopilot and manual programs accessible.

I personally love the Savia due to the fact that you can choose which way you want to go, as sometimes patients feel they want it automatic when they first get it, but go manual later and we can accomodate those needs.

As far as any difference in sound quality between the top models, such as the Savia, Inteo, Innova, Centra, they are all very very good hearing aids. It just comes down to what features you want and also what your audiologist or hearing aid dispenser is most comfortable using, as if they are not familiar with the model, then it won’t benefit you as much as it could.

Hope this helps.

Daffy: Please let us know how the Inteo’s work for you.


I will let you and everybody knows about this Inteo hearing aids. I will get them on Monday.


Thank you for the replys. For Daffy have you worn aids in the past so there is a comparison between instruments old and new. The Savia features KAT just pointed out are yet another reason to go with Phonak. Believe it or not I started out wanting the Inteo but I keep getting steered towards the Savia which I started out knowing almost nothing about.
Also if I were to go with Inteo I would have to travel a minimum of 70 miles to find a fitter who uses them. The 2 most local fitters use Oticon, Gnresound, Phonak and Sonic Innonovations the most. This is why I started looking for other options. All I know for sure is that I do not want Audibel again. I only hope any of my top picks will be superior in sound qaulity to what I know as good hearing for the last 25 years.

Chris, I wore simmem analog hearing aids for long time since at age 3. I just started to wear digial hearing aids. I thought the Resound Pixel was clear and not havign problem for me, but I was having problem since I have been hearing the volume going down, but I kept turning up. I decided to try Widex Inteo to see if there any difference. I hope this brand will be better.

As far as quality goes, any of the brands you are looking at far superior than the Audibel you have. My experience with Starkey brands (Starkey, Audibel, Micro-Tech, Omin) have been quite poor as far as sound quality, performance and durability are concerned.

I think you are in pretty good shape choosing from the short list you have.

My experiences with Widex are limited, yet I know a lot of audi’s who use them exclusively and have no complaints. Each of us usually have a few “prefferred” hearing aids and you really should make sure your audi/dispenser is very very familiar with the products they dispense.

Once again thank you for the quick response. I am looking forward to hearing about the Inteo and I also appreciate the insight with the other questions. I only wish that there were even more forums to get more opinions on products. I really like this site for the help I am getting just wish it got more hits for more insight. I am a person who loves information the more the better. Real life experiences are the best. Manufacturers and sales tell you what they want you to believe. Thanks again and keep it coming.:slight_smile:


When I get my Inteo Hearing aids on Monday at 3:30p.m., I will reply back to you soon as possible to explain about how I feel about these hearing aids.