Question about VA eligibility


I am a Vietnam era vet and have only used VA benefits once to go to school many years ago. Having read several posts where folks mention that they got aids from the VA, I was interested to see if perhaps I could as well. Watched a Youtube video about it and it was mentioned that one has to have served 2 years to be eligible. I got a certified copy of my DD214 recently, and it said that I was transferred to the reserves after 1 year, 11 months, and 25 days. I week shy of 2 years. I have always wondered why that was. I think I know now. So, will being a week shy of 2 years keep me from being able to get aids from the VA?


The only thing I can say is to apply for your benefits


Hi John,

I served around the same time you did and am in the process of filing my first claim (hopefully within the next few weeks). I don’t think anyone here will be able to answer your question definitively. You should try contacting a local Veterans Service Officer (VSO) in your area, who can better answer your question and help you file a claim.

Good luck!


The YouTube video is wrong. You do not have to have served for two years to be eligible. But there are other possible bumps in the road. I was turned down by the VA today because I did not serve in Vietnam and our income is too high when combined like they require. The lady at the VA Hospital told me the threshold is less than $40K for the household! Well, with both of our pensions and social security, we exceed that.

So because I didn’t serve in Vietnam anytime during the period 1962-1975 im SOL. There are many other qualifiers but none of them that I could meet.

My only recourse now is to file a claim for hearing loss due to military service and based off of previous claims I filed, I don’t hold high hopes for that working.

Luckily enough, we are blessed to be able and afford to purchase our own hearing aids but it’s very disheartening to know you served that long and are still not qualified to receive any assistance.

Here’s a link to the VA form you can fill out or they have a phone number that will connect you to someone that will complete it for you. If you look at the form you will see the automatic qualifiers that don’t come into play regarding the income threshold. How to Apply for VA Health Care:


Try the calculator at the VA website.
It will answer your questions.


Thanks for that information. According to the calculator, I might be eligible. I started to fill out the online application, but hit a snag when it came to financial information. I couldn’t find last year’s tax return. I plan on finishing with this year’s information. Who knows, maybe I will qualify. I didn’t have any problems getting money for school, but that was a long time ago.


Money for school and home loans are a total different animal. Much harder to qualify for health benefits because once approved for healthcare it’s a lifetime entitlement, thus the harder qualifications. If you actually served in Vietnam the financial qualifications don’t apply. If you didn’t, they do. You can apply by just filling out and submitting the VA form 10-10EZ. section II is what can make or break your application, depending on your income. If you can’t answer yes to any question in Section II(2) they will default to your income. If your family income was over $40K last year you are probably in trouble. Remember that these are government employees and have regulations they strictly follow. They don’t care about this years income. The form specifically addresses last years income. They will require your last year family income.


I finished my application this week and submitted it. The next day, someone from my local VA clinic called to set up an appointment. I go next week for blood work and the following week for a doctor’s appointment. I will ask about audiology while there. I was pleasantly surprised at the speed of their response.


That’s great. Glad you got in.
Wait till you see the Doctor or Nurse Practitioner to say anything about audiology test. They will set you up for a hearing exam. Anyone else there wouldn’t know, and would probably tell you something not true.


While I was at the clinic for the doctor’s visit, I asked about an audiology referral and they just gave me the phone number and told me to call. It took a couple of tries to actually speak to someone, but I have an appointment scheduled for mid March.


You’ve got it made now. You and I have similar loss & the VA provides my aids.

BTW, they will also provide any of the accessories you feel you need… TV adapter, streamer, remote mic, etc. They will also provide batteries and all consumables.

Definitely tell them you want a hearing aid dryer.


Don’t be shy about it it is better to get it than wish you had gotten it. You can return what you don’t need