Question about Static on Resound (Quattro) & Phonak (Marvel) aids


I have a question for the community that has either of these aids or has experienced the same problem as me. I have trialed both of these aids and it seems when I talk, say certain words or a group of people are talking louder than normal the aids will sound distorted and static like sort of like a blown car speaker. Funny thing is the Oticon alta pro 2 which is years old doesn’t have this problem. Anyone have any ideas on what I should ask my audiologist to tweak if there even is a tweak? D:



I’ve heard of two explanations for static. Since you say your sensation comes with loud sounds, the sensation might be related to overamplification of high frequencies as discussed in the following YouTube video on fitting (see top right of diagram).

A more common explanation for hearing static in quiet is processor noise. There is a fitting setting called EXPANSION that can be used to raise the threshold for hearing soft sounds. This form of static, I believe, usually occurs for people who have very good remaining low frequency hearing.



What are your compression ratios? Compression may explain this.



I’m not sure what my compression ratios are, I’ll have to ask my audiologist when I go back for a visit. What does compression ratio have to do with it? Just wondering so I know exactly what to ask my provider.



@iahfinity Don’t know if you’ve seen the Starkey Compression Manual, 4th Edition. It explains the generalities of how hearing aids work, compression ratios, and how compression interacts with noise, at least low volume noise. The Starkey manual has been cited a number of times over the years by various forum users. It’s just handy to provide the link from a recent post of mine.



Since both hearing aids are doing it lets look for things that are common. You say it is when loud sounds are present so it’s not just some environmental sound, like the fridge. Common things would be your ears, the hearing test, and your pro.

It is “possible” the hearing test is bad and as a result overdriving a frequency range. That could happen if you didn’t respond to a beep right away, overstating your hearing loss at that frequency.

It is also possible your pro is consistently making some error, although unlikely.

So that leaves your ears. It is not unusual to hear distortion when some frequencies have not been aided or when aids have not been set up before to hit those frequencies. I got that at first, and a couple of times since, with new hearing aids. Once at Jordan-Hare (Auburn) everything was distorted and I was dizzy from the noise.

With hearing aids, if I give my ears those sounds eventually the brain learns to interpret them. My first ones, 10 years ago, sounded distorted in the high frequencies, after 30 years of unaided hearing loss. Music, especially, sounded terrible. I thought that’s just the way it is. After about 6 months i noticed that there was hardly any distortion and music was beautiful. I had gotten a number of lyrics wrong over the years and some music didn’t sound as powerful when you include the high frequencies, but overall it is better to hear everything. :grin:

It is important to wear them all day, every day.



Are the hearing aids underpowered for your loss?

Compression could be an issue. Cochlear distortion could be an issue. Trying to use RICs when you should be in BTEs could be an issue.



I have the same problem with my Quattro’s. Turning on the noise filter in the Smart 3D app seems to help the static sound. Personally I think this should be fixed without the help of the Smart 3D app.