Question about Starkey model numbers

Please help me : it’s Starkey Muse IQ i 2400 RIC the same with Starkey Muse IQ R i 2400?
Y need to know.

There are three Starkey Muse iQ i2400 RIC models:

• Muse iQ i2400 RIC R
• Muse iQ i2400 micro RIC 312t
• Muse iQ i2400 RIC 312t

The RIC R contains a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

If I have one Muse IQ i 2400 and the other Muse IQ R i 2400. Does it work together? Can I use the same type of battery, 10?

No, they can’t be used as a binaural pair. The non-rechargeable models use a size 312 battery.

R is for rechargeable

Can’t be used with 312 battery?
Can it be used on one IQ R ear, and on the other only IQ? Wireless transmitting from one another?