Question About Smartlink & My-link

I have Savia Art Phonaks now. Smartlink and My-link work with them.

If I upgrade to Exelia Art Phonaks, will I be able to use Smartlink and My-link with the Exelia Art aids? :confused:

Thanks, :slight_smile:

It should, but you need a FM receiver for the Exelia Arts.

Unless you have an universal FM receiver (like MLxi- then you need the DAI boots), then the ML9i or ML11i will need to be purchased (depends on the aid you are getting) The receiver for the Savias may be able to fit the Exelias. Here’s the FM configurator to check for compatibility:

I am no definitive expert , but the my link is the universal FM neckloop receiver that turns the signal into a wave that is picked by the telecoil…

The exelia arts surely have telecoils? I think the other choice is to have the ICOM which I believe accepts a single receiver that transmits to both aids.

You’re right, Shan…

I do not like the TCoil, as it seems to pick up environmental noises from fluorescent lights, electrical utility wires, computer monitors, motors and other electric magnetic fields. FM, on the other hand, does not have the interference from these fields.

The reason MyLink is FM is to pick up the room FM loops and other types of transmitters. The Smartlink is a pure FM transmitter requiring FM receivers.

To explain further with my Savia Art Phonak hearing aids, I could use Smartlink with My-link through the telecoil channel. It worked well.

Now I am understanding that the Exelia art would have telecoil so therefore with the Smartlink and My-link I would be able to use the telecoil channel.
Is that correct?

Also I am hearing that the FM features, which I do not have, would give a
clean and clearer sound without interference.
Am I understanding all of this correctly?

Thanks for your contributions.



You are correct that you can use the MyLink and the Smartlink with your T-coil setup. T-coils, as noted, are subject to local EMF noises, that can be heard as a 60 cycle hum or other interference sounds.

FM does not have the EMF interfence issues, and is much ‘cleaner’ from a sound perspective. You could use your SmartLink FM transmitter but would need to get FM receivers (Costly if you use 2, 1 for each aid) for your aids or you could use an iCom with a single FM receiver (less costly) and hear the FM in both ears/aids.