Question about Phonak Sound Recover 2

I don’t use Sound Recover 2 myself but I’m messing around with the software and noticed that if I set the Sound Recover 2 to start at 800 kHz, there’s also another cut off frequency at 1.6 kHz.

Does anyone have a clear reason as to why there are 2 x cuts of off frequencies?

Google is making no sense to me. :smiley:

My understanding is it is the range of frequencies where the upper frequencies have been lowered to.

Thanks for that. That makes sense. All Google was telling me, made no sense what so ever.

I have actually spent all of yesterday wearing my HA with the maximum SoundRecover 2 at lowest setting, 800 Hz and things sound strange but what I really noticed was, that my feedback was nil, completely gone!
I changed back to no SR2 because really I don’t need it, it was just an experiment.

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