Question about Oticon Xceed, and HearingTracker price listings

Hi. Totally new HearingTracker user here, so if I make any goofs, please be gentle.

I just got back from my audiologist. As I suspected, she’s recommending I go with the Oticon Xceed UP. I’ve been using hearing aids for about 48 years now. Right ear is totally gone, so only use one in my left. She suggested I try out the Level 2 and 1, if I don’t get enough added benefit from the 1, the 2 should be enough. I was looking at the info on Hearing Tracker:

The prices don’t seem to line up with each other, and the prices she gave me. The Level 1 on the website is showing as cheaper than the level 2. I’m wondering if there is a mix of Xceed SP and UP that is confusing the works. She had quoted me about $2500 for the Level 2, and $3200 for the Level 1. (again, both being UP). Does anyone know further about this that could help to clarify?


Do you mean HT website is giving incorrect pricing?

I would always go with what your audiologist is charging as they set the prices.

The prices you were quoted sound pretty typical from an audiologist in private practice. Hearing Tracker prices are usually people advertising “deals.” Per Hearing Tracker, the level 1 and 2 are nearly the same price. I’m guessing this is a bit of artifact from getting prices from different practices. Not sure what’s to clarify. The prices you’re being quoted are “highish,” but ballpark. You could do better pricewise if you shopped around, but presumably you like your audiologist. Nothing wrong with asking if there’s any flexibility in pricing either.