Question about Oticon OPN 1 receivers


I am about to be a first time hearing aid user and I think I would like to try the Oticon OPN 1 miniRITE hearing aids due to the open concept. My question is what size receiver should I get? Is there a direct correlation between the decibel number on the audiogram the size of the receiver? So for example, my highest decibel reading was 70, so does this mean that a size 60 receiver would be too small and I should go with the size 85? Also, how important is it for both receivers to be the same size (even if I could get by with a size 60 in my other ear) from a “balanced” comfort point of view?


The two receivers do not need to be the same size. Regarding size and your decibel loss. Ideal is to look at the fitting range, but what you suggest roughly works. Kind of depends on what type of loss. If you’ve got a flat loss and it’s around 70, yeah definitely 85s. If a steeply sloping loss and it only hits 70 at 4-6 kHz and above, I think 60s would likely work fine. From my experience, a hearing aid fitter might choose either in that case. I personally prefer the smaller receiver.


Oticon Opn1 minirite 85s appropriate for my loss?

Also you should post your Audiogram for better answers to your questions.