Question about my hearing test

Hello, I am a new user, although I have been reading the forums off and on for several years. Tomorro 10/4/21 I am going for my second visit to an audiologist in my health care plan. I have been wearing h/a’s since 2007, my second two pairs were from Costco. I am currently wearing KS7’s.

During my hearing test last Monday, the audiologist could not get any result for the word recognition on my right ear. That ear is much worse….I puncture pd that eardrum scuba diving in the 1980’s. If I hold a phone to hear the dial tone, the right ear sounds entirely different than the left. But, with my current hearing aids I can hear, although much more quietly, the person speaking on streamed youtube videos.
I wonder if this audiologist did the testing correctly?

I have learned much reading the forums, thank you to thoses of you who share your knowledge.

It’s possible he didn’t do the word recognition test at a loud enough volume for that ear. If you have a copy of the results, it should say at what dB level the test was done for each ear.

An ENT might be needed with these concerns.
When things change it raises a flag.

That’s what I was going to say. Go see a doctor

I’m unclear what you’re really saying. Are you saying that your’re right ear has always (since injury) been much worse than your left or that it has only recently gotten much worse. If the later, what did the audiologist have to say about it? If there was a sudden change and the audiologist didn’t have an explanation, by all means see an ENT. If it’s not a recent change however, that’s a different story.

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I do have an ENT appointment this Friday as well, thanks for the suggestion.

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I have entered thrhearing testin the forum, but do not know how to make it visible to this forum topic.

@cinlo1988 I think you entered your audiogram results. Anyone can see them, as when they click on your username, a floating window appears with your audiogram. That’s handy, indeed. You don’t need to take any further steps.

But I think @MDB was asking for the results of the word recognition test.

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My right ear has been worse for probably decades. Before hearing aids, I used to cup my hand around my left ear to hear people better. That dial tone difference is also very old….I don’t even have a landline phone anymore!

Even though you may have entered word recognition scores, only the audiogram shows up for us. If you want to share word recognition scores, you’d need to enter them into a post. Sounds like you’re good to go though since you’re seeing an ENT.

At my audiology visit today, I mentioned that it bothered me that I apparently could hear nothing **on the right side word recognition, so she repeated the test. I could hear words although not well, only 20% recognition score.
Insurance is going to cover my More 1’s, now I have to wait 2-3 wks for them to come in. :frowning:

I have 20 percent recognition in both ears. What that means is that no matter how great the hearing aids are you’re always going to struggle with word recognition. Hearing aids don’t fix they try to help. But at 20 percent there’s only so much an aid can do

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Well that’s depressing, but luckily the left ear is better!

But see what the doctor says

Well, I had my ENT appointment, but saw a PA……discussed my hearing history and possible inherited problems (grandmother was deaf since childhood). Had some ear wax removed, told to continue Flonase, no MRI or other diagnostic tests ordered.
Still waiting for ordered hearing aids to arrive.