Question about HA Domes and fitting


I currently wear audio marvels with a cshell however the sound is mediocre and my right ear one keeps slipping out

i feel the sound gets better only by a bit when i press on both of them to go further in my ear. so i have a few questions

I mainly care about streaming music and my current $50 earbuds are way out producing the sound quality from my HA’s which leads me to wonder would closed or power domes be better for me and make the sound better since they are close to the style of earbuds? I am used to earbuds and honestly wear them a good portion of the day. It would be nice if i could replace them with my HA’s but like i said the sound is not there for me.

Lastly does anyone have experience on pricing? My last HA’s for ITE style and the sound was ok but my audi recommended the Marvels because they are more powerful. Honestly i care mostly about the Bluetooth at this point and im wonder if the ITE’s are cheaper thus maybe i could get more technology for a better price because i am not happy with these.

from what i can gather she put me in the cshell’s with a power receiver and said i couldn’t do dome but my hearing chart in the target software aligns with room to spare with the non next receiver type down where i could use the domes. its also my understanding that cshells are more expensive and thus could have prevented me from getting better technology on a non cshell pair. any takes on this? thanks



I have used custom ear molds for the past five years. Have you considered those?

Domes never really worked well for me. I was always pushing them back into my ears. It’s possible the cause is my wide and shallow ear canals.



Not sure I really understand your questions, but I’ll try to answer: 1) It’s reasonable to try power domes. You may or may not like, but reasonable to try. For an equivalent aid, I would expect ITEs to be at least as expensive as RICs, and likely have less features.



i thought cshell were custom? she had to take a mold of my ear.



If it is slipping out of your ear, it needs to be modified, and perhaps remade.

The “C-Shell” is a custom made receiver, and it should be good and snug, but not too tight, and it shouldn’t fall out, or work it’s way out when you chew.

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for power domes im comparing them to earbuds as they look similar.

i guess the main other thing was with the cost of the UP receiver and custom fitting mold for my marvels i was wondering if that added extra costs associated with them when i dont need them could make up for something like the Phonak Virto B’s which seem to have similar features as my marvels.

so i guess what i am saying is i used to wear something like the virto b’s size 13 and she switched me to the BTE marvels if i go back to my older style i was curious if maybe i could get better technology because im not needing the UP receiver and the custom cshell cost wise.



ok thanks, looks like another trip to the audi for me… do you have any experience with power dome tips was wondering how different they sound vs cshell?



Domes are much more comfortable because they conform to changes in the shape of your canal as you chew, talk etc. A deep fit custom receiver will have a bit better sound quality because of it’s depth, and because it always has the sound headed in the right direction. Your specialist/audiologist can discuss the differences with you. Good luck.



Personally I never liked domes or Rite hearing aids, I prefer custom ITE hearing aids. I find them so much more comfortable and secure. And they are not as likely to have issues with sweat and moisture. And to me they sound better also.



From what I can tell, the Virto Bs do not have the bluetooth features of the Marvels and also likely lose some directional features. I don’t think the Virto Bs would be any cheaper, but only way to know for sure would be to ask.