Question about feedback from ReSound Preza

I had an unfamiliar experience with my 1 month old Resound Preza’s today that I have not experienced before. I wear closed dorms that fit really snug in my ears and Fitter said I do not need molds.

The left ear has always been very tight with no feedback ever. But today I could not shut it off so I looked in my app and found that I was in the Restaurant Program and as soon as I clicked to All Around that feedback went away. I guess my question would be how did Resound know I was not in a restaurant? This is really amazing to me. It’s brain is smarter than mine.

Because of Covid I have not had the opportunity to test these HA’s in a busy noisy restaurant.

Perhaps this is not an issue only for Resounds.I don’t know. I don’t go to bars but that may be the only place I could check out noise. I am going to inquire about Multi Mics tomorrow. Couldn’t hear 4 feet across the table last week.

It sounds like your hearing aids kicked into a program. It could be that they sensed your where in a noisy environment snd switched into that program to reduce background noise. My hearing aids do this based on location and what they learn about the hearing environment. It may take time and adjusting to get this to work better. Also using an assistive hearing device can help to hear even better in a noisy environment. I hope you have a great evening and good luck.

I think this noisy feedback started rather gradually. I live a rather solitudinal life these days. Nobody in this building want to even leave it or go out and do anything. Two of my friends have not left the building for four months. I did go to the grocery store today but it was very calm and quiet in there, no noise.

At least now I know how to fix it if there is a repeat. Since I purchased these HA a month ago I have not found a noisy place where I could test them.

Thank you for your knowledgeable advice.

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You are welcome. As you use them in different hearing situation you find they help in many ways. In any case I was glad to help you and have a great great day. Thank you for sharing.

Just got my Preza’s two days ago. I have been trying to test them in various environments but as you said it’s hard without being able to go to a restaurant. I have not noticed any feedback and have not had the HAs switch programs unless I do it. I have restaurant, music and outdoors set up besides the All Around.
I have been working the app to make adjustments just to hear differences, but have not established any new programs .
So far I really like the improvements in hearing small things like computer humming, air flow out of my home AC register, even my own footsteps.
Hope your overall hearing experience has improved. Good luck

One more comment; I wear small power domes, but will evaluate them to decide if custom molds is in my future.

I tried to post much earlier today but the Hearing Tracker site must have been having some problem as the post didn’t survive and although every other site I visited, NT Times, SA Express-New, etc., was fine both Chrome and Edge said the HT site was down/unavailable. So here’s a version of my previous post that I rescued.

Molds are inexpensive to try at Costco. Might be worth it to find out if you’re missing something. I’ve found that even power domes let in more noise than molds with little or no venting (domes aren’t custom-made to fit your ear canal tightly). One has to remember about more open fits - they not only let in more natural sounds, they also let in more noise, if you have good low-frequency hearing, making it harder to take advantage of HA mic directionality or use of a remote microphone to prevent unwanted noise from reaching your ear drums by bypassing your HA’s.

In my experience with the Smart 3D app and ReSound Quattro’s, only streaming and Favorites based on smart phone location are automatically switched to. One has to switch manually between the four available programs - and I find with slippery fingers while temporarily viewing the 3D app one can do that without even realizing that one has done it. Marvel has Autosensing to switch amongst preset programs by sound profile. Different brands and models do things a bit differently sometimes.

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Question regarding custom molds. If I get them and I don’t like them can I switch them back to the domes myself? One of my issues is moisture in my left ear canal, it sometimes gets so bad that fluid comes out during the night. My ENT is aware of this and.cautioned me about molds, so I am a little leery , but am still interested in trying them.

It’s easy to physically switch molds and domes on RIC/BTE HA’s in my very limited experience. I don’t know about fluid draining from the ear. That sounds pretty abnormal and something your ENT should pursue further (or get a 2nd opinion). Perhaps one of the more experienced HCP’s on this forum, particularly an audi, might have further comment.

I also had a problem this morning logging into hearing tracker. After a few hours it was OK

Not going to purchase a multi mic because I don’t go anywhere to get enough use from it. I will just use “live listen.“

I’ve been loving my resound prezas, haven’t had HAs for around 7 years and the connectivity improvements have been amazing.

I have a power receiver in my right ear with power (double) domes and have been noticing feedback. I also have noticed a lot of sound distortion that almost sounds like a sound begining to feedback and being stopped/silenced, almost like a whoop that gets cut off. I went back to my HIS and pretty much demanded a mold, she wanted to avoid it by trying software adjustments etc but my previous hearing aids were molded and wearing them didn’t bother me.

I also hope it’s going to improve the sound quality I’m getting, it sounds pretty trebley right now, I’m fairly sure a lot of the bass is escaping past my dome. I also explained that after spending the best part of $3000 on HAs and equipment, $40 was not a lot of money for a mold, relatively speaking and that the only way I would know for sure would be to try a mold. We’ll find out in a couple of weeks.

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Yes, It is easy to switch between domes and molds on the Prezas. I have gone back and forth a couple of times. Of course your hearing aid fitter should readjust the hearing aids to account for the change in what you are using.