Question about audiologist and information disclosure



So i have a few questions. I am not happy with my current audiologist and her level of support and knowledge on my Phonak Audeo Marvels.

It seems like she is avoiding the subject and doesn’t want to give me the information. I would like a copy of the sale sheet with my hearing aid models, serial numbers etc…

Also what do you suggest i do with regards to her level of support. At this point i feel she is frustrated with me because i am asking her to do things she doesn’t know how to do. like to make my HA’s manually pair with Bluetooth instead of automatically, adjusting a few things in the programming which again she doesnt seem to know and just says that no one has asked her that before.

when i try to suggest what tab to go under because i have read all the documentation and have an actually working copy of Phonak Target and know what tab, section and what to adjust its like she just dismisses me like im stupid. In all honestly im coming off nice and would honestly love to help her.

Is there any law preventing them from telling me this information if i request it. should I request maybe a different AUD within the same group that might have better knowledge about my models of HA’s, what about visiting her when a Phonak rep is present? Im just frustrated, My state insurance is covering them and i feel like im being dismissed because im not paying out of pocket.

at this point im seriously thinking about buying a NOAH and just programming them myself. its so frustrating that they don’t know anything about any type of technology i ask about or adjustments to be made because im the only one who asked.



First off…

in my state, Tennessee, it is the dispenser’s responsibility to provide documentation which must include: Serial numbers, manufacturer, whether the devices are new or used, warranty expiration, and the statute concerning the return privilege. I think there is something similar in most states, and has been for decades.

Next, get another tech. She sounds like she doesn’t know what she’s doing. I will admit, someone trying to tell me how to get around the software would irk me a bit, but the truth is they wouldn’t have to because I know my way around it already.

I would reach out to Phonak Consumer Relations and let them contact the office.

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thanks. I mean i didnt go right out and tell her how to do stuff. i ask questions and she didnt know, so then i took it upon myself to research on my own time. then made another appt and again after she didnt understand only then i tried to help.

im def going to contact the group tomorrow and find out about seeing the best tech that works with phonak. thanks for your advice



I don’t know about the US, but in Canada the Supreme Court decided a number of years ago that medical records belong to the patient, not to the doctor (or hospital, etc). That said they can put up a lot of obstacles to prevent you from getting it, if they want to be difficult. In Canada they can request 30 days notice of what you want in writing, and then charge you the cost of preparing it for you.

I suspect the law is similar in the US based on some discussions I have had with US folk on a CPAP forum. Sleep Clinics (Canadian and US) try to play the game of withholding the prescription for a CPAP so you can’t buy it on line for much lower cost. Not unlike some optometrists too.



Which state are you from? If you purchased the aids then you have the right to have the paperwork. Does your audiologist work for a company? If so, make an complaint.