Quality of Wax Guards, where to buy good ones

I have been using wax guards for years with no problems. Then I ordered some through Amazon and I’ve had three drop out, one I caught in my ear, other just fell out when I went to clean the dome and the other one may be in my ear.

So, is there good and bad guards? And if so, any suggestions what brand to buy and where?

Thank you forum, Karen

Things like that I usually buy the name brand stuff.
If Phonak, buy Phonak wax guards, Oticon, Resound etc.
That way you know.
The filters usually click into place. I didn’t hear it, felt it.

I buy brand name ones through this website. They have good prices, fast shipping, and supports HearingTracker. Click the “Shop” link at the top of the page.


Thank you, I’ll look it up.