Quality issues with Power One batteries

I get my Power one batteries from the VA. Before I got my current aids I ordered my power one batteries from amazon per the advice of my audi. I never had any trouble and they seemed to last about 1 day longer than any I bought local.

And yes I am having battery issues with the aid I now have, I am on my 2nd supply of power one batteries from the VA the experation date on the pkg is 2024. I am not convinced the issues is the batteries may be the aids my left aid burns through batteries much faster than the right one. The left aid is cranked up much more then the right one so I guess that is to be expected.

What I am experiencing is sometime a new battery will only last an hour, sometimes a day or two and sometimes 6-8 hours the right aid does better but it will also vary considerably. I stream a lot of TV and some music. I have found that if a battery dies sometimes I can open and close the door and it will work again I have gotten 3-4 days use out of a battery this way but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes I can get 4 days out of a set before they fail.

The first two boxes of batteries I got from the VA worked fine until about the the last two pkgs when this issue started. Starkey tech seems to think it’s the batteries but said I could send the aids in for them to look at but it would take a couple of weeks plus shipping time I don’t want to be without them that long and besides I can’t get in to the VA clinic now to have them sent to Starkey because of Covied19 which is fine because I don’t want to go to the clinic now.

Again not sure if it’s the aids or batteries but as stated I have used P1 batteries for years with no issues.

I get my aids and batteries from the VA and I have had one bad batch of power one aids. But I too have issues with one aid eating the batteries faster than the other. My right aid goes through batteries faster, and has been repaired onces for it. The issue I believe is 2 fold, 1 my right ear is the worse, and 2 all of the bluetooth communication goes through the right aid.
I have been in touch with my Audi about the battery issues, and he just orders more batteries for me and says to just throw the bad ones away as I find them. I have reported it to the VA supply center and to my Audi, so I am not sure what else can be done.

When they rapaired the one aid did they tell you what was wrong with it and what they did to repair it? What brand of aids do you have.

All I know is they replaced the processor that was in the hearing aid

I see I hate to send mine in for repair because it takes so long

I had mine back in 2 weeks.

What brand do you have and was it a struggle while you were without them?

I have Oticon OPN1 ITE hearing aids, and even with my backup aids it was a struggle. I will be getting new aids this summer and my OPN1 aids will become my backups.

I wish I had keep my old pair but I donated them to a local hearing charity.

I really couldn’t understand much with them so they probably wouldn’t have been much use anyway.

This Oticon OPN1 aids are only 18 months old, but my VA Audi wants me to have a “usable” set of backup aids in case I have hearing aid failures again. My backups now or almost 6 years old, and they cannot be adjusted to my hearing loss. The aids I have now seem to have enough power left that they can be adjusted for at least minor changes in my hearing. I am hoping my next aids will allow me to push my speech understanding at least to the point I do not feel so left out in conversations. I am hoping my Audi agrees with me and I get the BTE hearing aids that have a lot more power than I need now so the can be adjusted and used for a lot longer time.

Sounds like they are taking good care of you.

I really like the aids I have now I think I have the best speech understanding I’ve had in years. I keep my first set for 10 years I think I waited to long to replace but I’m kind of cheap sometimes and I had not applied for VA assistance.

When the VA gave me these they said I would have to wait 4 years for new ones which is fine I just wish I had a 2nd pair incase I have to seen these in for repair.

That said I am very grateful the VA gave me these.

Yes normally it is 4 -5 years, but if an Audi can justify new aids you can get them anytime after 18 months. I did not find that out until I asked my Audi about getting me aids so soon. He said it is customary to have a good set of back up hearing aids. And also my Audi did not really know my full needs when he got me this hearing aids. We spend about a year doing monthly adjustments to get them to where I can hear speech as good as I do. And my backup aids are just a step above no aids at all for me now. So he got new aids approved for me and I will have a hearing test, and picking the aids on the first of June, then it will be about a month before I get them.

Very strange. You must have gotten batches from a bad run of them. I have switched from RayVac to PowerOne and find they latter get a day more of use than any other batteries that I have ever used.

It maybe a bad batch as I said earlier I have had good experience with P1 batteries in the past. I ordered some new ones a couple of hours ago hopefully I will have better luck with them TWT.

Been getting Power Ones (13) from the VA for about 6 years. Never a bad one (knock wood).

I had mostly PowerOne from Amazon with my Oticon Agil Pro HAs for about 7 years (size 312), and I took careful data on how long each set lasted. There was very little variation: always 7 or 8 days between changes.

Since October, I’ve had a set of Phonak Marvels with size 13 batteries, also Power One. The only variation in life time between changes is caused by how much I stream. On average 6 days per pair.

So, I’m guessing you got stuck with a bad batch for some reason (sometimes manufacturers have a “malfunction” in their assembly lines that they don’t catch), or else you have some kind of internal issue with HA wiring.

The variations you’re experiencing must really suck. Sorry about that.

I’ve been using Power One size 13 batteries from Amazon for several years. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad one. They typically last a week.

I have gotten these batteries from the VA for several years now. Never a dud. Are those criticising them talking about ones that failed immediatelyor ones that gave shorter life. Then there are other factors that may have caused this. I have always been satisfied with them. Of course I don’t pay for them.

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I also get my aids from the VA and I have had one batch of bad powerone batteries, and my Audi got me replacements and I was told to either just get rid of the bad batch or work through them and weed out the bad batteries, which I did. I was getting on average 2 bad batteries out of a pack of 6. That was early a year ago. I have not had any issues since then.

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I have been using Amazon Basic 312’s for at least a year and am very satisfied with both the price and lasting time. I stream books a fair amount and still get 3 1/2 days or more.