Quality issues with Power One batteries

My son wears Oticon OPN 1 with a power receiver. He uses Power One batteries from localbattery.com. He is having terrible luck with battery quality. Are other people having issues with these? Generally, out of a six pack only 2, occasionally 3 or 4, are good. Even after letting them be exposed to air for 3-5 minutes more than half of them only last 5 minutes before dying.
Any ideas?

What is the use by date on the battery packs? I get my batteries from the VA and they powerone batteries, and I get 4 - 5 days out of the batteries

The people at localbattery are good.
Have you contacted them about what you are dealing with?
We use Power1 bought from this forum’s store and have excellent performance.

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Are you using 312 batteries?

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Yes, these are 312s. And, the last batch he bought in 11/2019 has an expiration date of 02/2018. :roll_eyes:

Apparently that isn’t the right date. They are 2023. But he still gets 5 minutes or less out of 2/3 of them.

Yes I am and I do stream a lot of TV audio

I received new batteries this January and they are 2024 as for as the use by date. I did have some that were 2021 that was sent to me and they were bad like that. I called the VA and complained and they sent me new batteries and told me I could throw the old ones away

You really should contact localbattery.
I bet they will help you.

I have emailed them but I was wondering how common this was.

For me it’s uncommon, but it does happen. I had a bad batch of 13’s from Costco once. I’d also check for gunk inside the battery compartment. Who knows, might be something as simple as an intermittent contact issue.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

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I’ve also had a problem with Power One batteries (312) from the VA. Two different batches, with two different expiration dates (2023 and 2024). I can let them breath for 1, 3, 5, 10 or 20 minutes with the same results. They can fail within a few minutes or an hour or maybe a day. I’ll try to let them breathe again, but after the third try, I toss them. Rayovac’s seem to work just fine. I have sent my HAs back to the VA on the off chance that they are drawing too much power for these batteries, but I really don’t think that’s the problem.

I get may batteries exclusively from localbattery.com and I get the Power One batteries. I’ve never had an issue; maybe you, unfortunately, received a bad batch.

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It’s the Power One batteries that are bad. I got mine from the VA in January, and they are really bad.
My OPN 1’s usually go 4 days on them but now some of them don’t last a day.
I bought some Rayovacs locally and they last 5 days.
Power One’s are duds.

I’ve got loaner OPN 1’s from the VA. The Power One batteries are terrible, they start out at 20%.

I find Power One to be good. Rayovac seem really bad for me. I use 312 as well.

I buy my Power One batteries online from either Amazon or Micro Battery .
Never had a bad one. I use size 13. Maybe it’s the 312’s ?

I started using Amazon basic 312 batteries a few months ago. Cheap and excellent life. I think they are relabeled Rayovac proline.

I would have a look at the batteries with a volt meter. Then you can see what is happening to the batteries. Measure before installing into the hearing aid, then right after installation when the battery goes ‘dead’.

If you have tried more than a few batteries with similar results, why not consider it might be the hearing aid? Sometimes the hearing aids draw too much power causing the battery to drain rapidly. It may need to go in for repairs.

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I’d always go with Rayovac myself. Energizer bought the company last year as they wanted to get their hands on their technology.