Qleaf pro self setting



Hi there, I am using Qleaf pro hearing aids, I would like to start setting by myself. I need to find the connections/adapters from HiPro device to the hearing tips. Anybody knows where to find them?


Check out the DIY section.


He posted this in the DIY section :grin:



OK, that’s funny because I didn’t even THINK that he’d be posting this in the DIY section because I assumed that a person who wants to be a DIY and found the DIY section to post the question in would want to explore it first and not ask questions unless they can’t find what they’re looking for there.


Well, to be fair the cable threads tend to fade into the background.
@daniel_d, Did you find the answer in Step 4?


Hi, no I didn t find the answer. What is background?


Here’s the only info I can find. http://global.exsilent.com/qfit-software

I’m thinking you might be able to get info if you can log in.


Yes, we know where to find them;

  1. Click any pvc Avatar
  2. Click pvc’s main thread
  3. Find your way to Newbies Start Hear, Step-1
  4. Find your way to Step-4

Here’s a picture of how to do the first two clicks;

Why Exsilent Q leaf pro is bad hearing aid?

Thanks pvc, yur post is very useful, I found the software and the software manual, but it seems that nobody has never tried to do self setting with Qleaf pro,
I cannot find these programmer cables and adapters?


The CS44 cables are available in Step-5. Did you find them?

The proprietary adapters are a different story.


Hi PVC, ok for step 5 and cables CS44,
now how can I find the ``programming adapter’’ ?


Aside from resurrecting some more six-year-old threads, I dunno?


where are you based?