Puzzled About Hearing Issues w/Digital HA's

I have severe high frequency loss and wear Belton OTE Edge 2’s which are set slightly higher than target. I also suffer from Tinnitus in both ears with the right ear the worst.

I’ve been extremely happy with my relationship with Beltone especially the Master Level gentlemen that services my account. While he has thoroughly explained each of the following I must admit that I am a a very inquisitive type of fellow so I am seeking independent advice regarding the following.

Overall, I hear much, much better with my Edge 2’s as compared to no HA’s but…

  • Sound is occasionally "tinny" or "gravely".
  • I hear conversations further away from me better than I can hear my wife sitting next to me whether at home in front of the television or in a restaurant.
  • While I can hear audio, especially high frequencies, from our expensive speaker system much better, the overall tonal quality is inferior to what I hear without my HA's.
  • In general I also notice that the tonal quality of everyday sound is slightly artificial sounding.

Although Beltone is not suggesting that I move to a more expensive or more feature rich device it should be noted that they, Beltone, has a very generous upgrade path. As you reply back please note that I intend to remain a Beltone customer so suggesting that I move to a different brand will not benefit me. What would be helpful is knowing if another type of Beltone HA would be better for my particular situation. Now with all this said please feel totally free to provide your comments, recommendations and product critique.


It is nice to see a trusting relationship between the dispenser and the client, While beltone has never been the most innovating hearing aid company, Edge is a copy of the GN pulse. Which is a good instrument. hence It should work as well as the Pulse. If your audi dispenses GN (you wish to be loyal to beltone and GN owns resound and Beltone). I would give Azure a try
as it seems to be an interesting aid…

Most belotne and GN are very agresive in terms of prices

Coach purses

Thank you for your reply. Another question. Why do you recommend that I move to from my current Edge 2 to the Azure?

the edge is the same aid as the pulse
the Azure supposely is the best there is in the GN group,
I have not heard many reviews but from the info I got
it seems like a very well instrument…
So if you are happy with the brand this could be an alternative

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