Pure500/700 - How to Reset them with Tek

Actually I have Rexton Cobalt16 (from Costco) very similar to pure700.
They come with a Bluetooth Remote, essentially the same as Siemens Tek.
I find this remote very helpfull, as sometime I need to change the volume and treble levels, especially in accustically dead rooms. Though, in most cases I dont need to change anything.

To reset the HA to the default/normal state, the quickest method I know is to open both battery compartments and close again. This is a bother.

With previous HA (Rexton Rivera) I could reset the HA by just pressing the program button on the remote for 3 sec.

Is there a way to do that with Tek? The audiologist asked Siemens. They said “yes” but gave instructions that neither of us understood (nothing in the user guide).

Help ONLY if you know for sure, and definitely from your experience.


To Mitchel: you write:
“I would expect turning the hearing aid off is the same effect as removing the battery”.

Honestly, did it work for you? Being a thinking person I naturally try it before I posted my question.

Please, folk. Concrete solutions from your own experienced that worked for you.

Actually, when you turn the hearing aids “OFF” with the TEK,
they are still “ON” in so far as they are "listening for the electronic siginal to
turn them ON again. So they are still using some battery power.
Not nearly as much as actually amplifying the sound to the HA loud speaker.

On the other hand, when they are turned “OFF” by the TEK,
they cease to amplify sound.

More importantly, in either a) TEK off mode or b) the battery open door off mode;
they HAs LEARN; I.e., process the log of past usage to reset volume and frequency settings from the past.

Mitchell … don’t take Noah’s reply personally, we’re not all quite that blunt here. Most of us appreciate any thoughts that may be relevant to our quests and that may lead to a solution whether they are actual hard solutions or not. If we all avoided posting because we weren’t sure our post would be appreciated, this board would be mighty barren and useless.