Pure or Motion

I bought the Siemens Pure CIC 700 (arriving at the end of November).

Now Siemens have a new hearing aid - Siemens the Motion CIC 700.

What’s the difference, Pure or Motion?

The Motion are better?

Should I change Pure to the Motion?

Thanks. Anabela Correia


I have been trying the Motion 700 M & MV for two weeks. But mine are the BTE ITC model.

See www.hearing-siemens.com
Then to New Hearing Products … then Motion & Pure
and it has comparison charts.
or use the “Product Finder” process.

From what I understand … Basically, the Motion is a Pure with on-aid-controls. the M for my left has a button for program selection and the MV for my right has a wheel for volume. ( The two aids talk to one anothe so changing either one changes both.
They are larger than the Pures… you’ll see that on the above site.


When I looked at the information on the Pure and on the Motion, it was my impression that Motion was more for people with moderate to severe hearing loss, while Pure was for more for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Please let us know how the new hearing aids are working for you. What hearing aids did you have before? I have been using Siemens Triano for several years and will be purchasing a new set of hearing aids (likely Pure 700 CIC’s) soon and keep the Triano’s as spares.

I’m currently testing the 700 BTE. I think they are wonderful. Lots of control, very small, unbelievably small, different programs available at the touch of a button. But one of the compelling features for me was the bluetooth integration and their Tek device. I’m waiting on mine to arrive but the ability to touch a button and connect to my cell phone or laptop or hear my TV directly in the HA is great.

Not the cheapest in town but a great piece of technology.

I am still in my trial period with my Siemens Motion 700 ( basically a Pure with on-the-aid Volume and Program controls.

These are my first HA and I function much better with them than with out them. I did expect them to “aid” in my hearing, not restore it. However, I do think that the quality of the sound could be improved. Not only my audi, but others who post comment on the lack of audi training by Siemans.
What can be done to program for better “sound quality”.

Are you happy with your sound quality…
I personally do not really need the Bluetooth all that much.
I can appreciate that others of you DO need and value Bluetooth.

What did you find in terms of “sound quality” offered by other high end HAs?
Were others better in this regard… e.g., Phonak, Widex etc.

Thanks Again

I’ve read a few posts regarding Pure’s, which I’m considering for my first pair of HA’s. Besides the bluetooth capability and the small size, one of the main reasons I’m interested is because (I believe) they can be recharged nightly without removing the battery. No one has seemed to bring this up, so I’m wondering if folks with experience with HA’s don’t find this an important feature?

Yes . . . the Purees recharge by just placing the unit into the recharger; no need to remove the battery and open the case. But, this is not always a good thing. I’ve read and learned that opening the case let’s it breath, let’s out the moisture and this is the reason the Pure recharger need to have the little moisture packet (something else you need to buy) and you should still open them every once in a while.

I’m the type that love gadgets and rechargeable items but I also thought I could get a week from a charge, maybe a couple of days . . . but no, you must recharge every night. Ugh. Plus the charger unit is big, has the moisture packet, and on and on. I get about 6-7 days a the batteries and it’s simple.

In the end, I returned the recharger to my Aud . . . got to tell you I was surprised, I really thought I was going to love it.

Just my thoughts.

this is a good feature, the GN pulse, has the same option.
you can either use regular bat. or use the charger…

this is a nice feature

I asked my audie about getting a recharger for the Pure 700 RITEs, and she advised against it, saying those of her patients who had it weren’t very happy with it (too large, have to re-charge every night, still have replace the rechargeable batteries). She said that she didn’t think I’d be saving any money over the expected life of the HAs.

I have Pure 500s and I opted not to use the re-charger because I store my HAs in a Dry & Store overnight and I remove the batteries, so I couldn’t charge overnight.

It should NOT be a consideration in buying aids in my opinion…

I too was disappointed that the overnight charger… it takes ( 5 hrs.)
and only lasted for 15 hours ie. a day.

And yes the regular batteries go for over a week.

I did use regular batteries on a 5 day trip… so I wouldn’t have to
pack the bulky / heavy charger and it’s seperate power supply.

PLUS # 1
It is a slight convenience NOT to have to change the batteries each week.

PLUS # 2
But I guess the reason I stay with the charger is …
I need a SAFE place to STORE my HA every night and the charger is as good a place as any. ( Simens does supply seperate cases about the same size as the charger for storage.)

ps: The round non rechargeable pellet that goes in the charge does not last long. I bought a jar of some dryer pellets that can be “recharged” in the microwave. At some point, I’ll just put them in a small net bag and use them rather than buy Siemens dryer pellets.

I am getting the Pure 500’s this Friday. Although I was game for the 700’s, my audiologist said there would be no benefit for me over the 500’s. She said that my high range loss is beyond what anything would be able to make up for. They were $2500 each plus $500 for the Tek. My wife’s insurance pays 90% up to $5,000 once every 3 years. So these should run me $500 out of pocket complete. The audiologist also said that everyone that she has done the Tek with has been extremely happy with it. As for using it with a cell phone, she said in your pocket, around your neck, on the desk or table in front of you, velcro’d to your steering wheel or dash ALL works. I’ll find out in 3 days. :smiley:

My CIC’s kept breaking down. The place I bought them said it was a moisture issue and suggested using the Dry and Store every night to resolve the problem. I’ve had it about 2 months now and the aids have not broken down once since using it. The one I have is the gray plastic box that plugs into an outlet and has a blue ultraviolet light that goes on for a few minutes which supposedly kills germs. It has a blower that blows warm air and an 8 hour cycle … which you can interrupt by just opening the top. I run it the full cycle when I can, but a few mornings a week I get up early and cut it short to go to work.

I’m getting the Pure 500’s BTW with RITE this Friday, and will continue to use it with them. In fact, my new audiologist was happy to hear that I have the Dry and Store to use with the Pure’s.

My audi was on the phone with Siemens to help answer this question. Siemens told her that they both have the same chip (board) in them just a couple features different. Siemens also told her that they are fazing out the pures and will be called Motions before to long.

Basically same, probably just a different name so they can get more attention.

Sure do wish I could say that I love my Pure’s … but … thank you Siemens. In the typical incompetent ways of today’s world, someone at Siemens shipped one hearing aid, not two :rolleyes: So I won’t have them until next week when my audi agreed to stay late one day to accomodate me as she is booked solid during the times I can make it. Which brings up one of the biggest complaints I have … all hearing aid distributors seem to think that their patients are all older and retired … so they can have strictly banker’s hours. I have even checked with HearingPlanet.com and found the same. The “local” place they refer you to for fittings and service have banker’s hours as well … so buying on line doesn’t change that. The Baby Boomers, who are now about the biggest market for these products, as well as many other products, are still working. Our retirement age has moved up and we’ll be working for perhaps years to come. So they are making it difficult for their biggest target group to avail themselves of their services. Doesn’t sound like a very reasonable business plan.

this seems like an opportunity for a good dispenser

islanderbaw are the motion behind the ear the first aides you had? I currently have in the ear but thinking of getting the motion 700 bte just wondering if the bte hearing quality is any better thanks

Yes . . . these are my first; I was a virgin. :slight_smile:

My Aud thought that the open fit would be better for me than the closed ear, that the “in the ear” give. My loss is not that bad and these enable me to get help in the areas I need help and hear what I can hear.

I’ve given up on the Siemens and now testing the Opticon Dual Connect (behind the ear); its only been a few days . . . but I love them. Much more natural, no feedback, no shrills. Just great. Still going to back to make an adjustment but just minor tweaking.

I got fitted for the in the canal motion 700 for one ear and 500 for the the other one the Audi said the in the ear is strong enough I get one for free they had a promotion about 9 years ago I paid about 500 more than the aide listed for but a free aid every time Siemens upgrade , so I’m getting the 700 free and there was about 1000 difference in the price between the 2 of them and he said it wasn’t really much of a difference just the amount of channels and he said it wasn’t worth it

OK, got my Pure 500’s on Tuesday. They definitely need some tuning up. My audi tried her best when first fitting them, but my voice sounds hollow regardless of trying single or double domes. She took a mold and I’m now waiting on the custom domes which would be more like my previous CIC’s, but clear with a pocket that the receiver goes into. It seems as though the experience sounds better when I put my fingers in my ears. So I can try making do with the hollow sounds, walk around with my fingers stuck in my ears, or try the custom molds :rolleyes:

They also don’t seem quite loud enough … I’m thinking I might need the more powerful receiver which she shy’d away from. Word recognition is pretty good though, the clarity good … just not quite loud enough. Whether good or bad I don’t know … I know she wants me to try to get used to the mid-powered 55db receiver rather than jump to the more powerful one. But if that will make a difference in my liking them … well. I work for a living, and straining to hear people in the office is not my idea of ideal.

As for the Tek … again, the custom molds may make a big difference. They sound OK with the one cell phone I’ve tried them with so far … sound clear and right there. Had my wife call me while driving home from work yesterday with my radio on loud enough to enjoy. The phone rang twice in my ear, then the aids switched to the cell phone and I could hear her good and clear and could not hear the radio any more. That was great. Listening to my Fuse MP3 or the computer sound player isn’t quite the experience I would have hoped for. Neither sounds exactly sweet, kind of tinny even. My Bose headset plugged into the 'puter speaker definitely sounds much better. As for the TV, I have the thing plugged into my home theater receiver’s headset jack. It sounds OK, but again lacking a lot of bass. Good enough to get by where I would not bother my wife while she sleeps in as I play the PS3 … but not quite there. Again though, I’ll reserve judgement until I get the ear molds.