Pure 700's v. zon.7's?

Come next Monday, I have to make a decision between the Pure 700 BTEs and the zon.7 BTEs. I would be intersted in hearing what others would choose as between these HAs.

The Pures have a lot of features I find very desirable, including volume control, and the ability to turn them off without opening the battery doors. Noise reduction is excellent, and the “noisy” program works superbly in restaurants, malls, on the street, and even on the subway. However, feedback cancellation is poor to just adequate, even with large closed domes, and even with the sound brilliance turned off, I still get what appears to be entrailment. As for the sound of voices, to my ears, voices are more mechanical and metallic than with the zons and more “tinny.” Music doesn’t sound as clear and pleasant with the Pures as it does with the zons (in the universal program for both).

The zons produce NO feedback to speak of. That and the sound quality of voices (natural, soft, not too “bright”) are their best features. On the negative side, noise reduction is just adequate to poor, and there’s some, but not enough, difference in NR between the universial and “noisy” programs. I can’t happily listen to music in a car with zons, which I can do with ease with the Pures. The zons have 4 programs, compared to 5 for the Pures, no volume control, no remote, and the only way to shut them off is by opening the battery doors. My audie tried to overcome the “no volume control” issue by creating a program in which there was more than usual gain (for use in large meetings), but there’s so noise in that program that I have trouble hearing the louder voices.

The main reason I wear HAs is for work; I can live quite adequately without them on the weekends and at home. But I need HAs for both conversing with people one-to-one in my quiet office AND for the several large meetings I attend every week. The price for each pair is the same, and the warranties are comparable.

If you were in my shoes, do you think that you would go with the zons or the Pures? Thanks for any views, comments, and suggestions.

i go with the pures any day

What makes the Pures better than the zons, in your view?

wireless capabilites, bluetooth conectivity, large bandwith, etc

Starkey WILL introduce a wireless intruments in 5 weeks…
Wireless is the future no doubt… It have taken starkey to long to get there
they are clearly lagging

phonak, siemens, rexton, oticon and soon Unitron (passport)
will all be wireless instruments… it is def. a trend


Hearing losse audiograms are different for different individuals.
Hearing aid performances are different for different individuals.
There are tradeoffs in any decision.

However, having said that;
I would go with the Siemens “PURES” or other high end Siemens models.

For this Reason…
and I will use an analogy that I have used on other forums.

a. An Small Sports Car ( Miata) will give you good control of your car;
(probably more than you’ll ever need.) This is because you will feel Every
bump in the road, Every crack in the pavement, Every turn of the wheel, Every lean. You will also have limited visibility riding low, You will hear multiple sourse of noise from the tires to the wind.
But, It will get you where you want to go. Alert - a bit Tense;;;:eek:
And in time it will leave you TIRED from straining to react to every little
road condition and distraction.

b. A Luxury Sports Sedan (Lexus) will also give you good control of your car;
However, it will provide you with precise handling and saftey due to features like Electronic Stability Control, anti Lean and sway features. You wil sit high for good visibility of what you need to see. You will sit in more comforatable seats and more erect for better posture. You will not hear wind, tire and other road noises. The tires will be bigger and the weal base longer; insuring a good smooth ride. All in all it will be MORE COMFORATABLE and leave you at the end of the day feeling a whole lot LESS TIRED and RELAXED. And
Ultimately able to perform all else in your life in a more peaceful and effiecient way. You’ll ultimately have more energy left to LIVE.:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

And yet with both types of Cars have accomplished the basics of what you wanted… you have gotten to your destinations.
Believe me I have owned allot of sports cars ( Corvetts/ MGs/ others).
(I’ve owned Lexus, GM and Volvos.)

In the long run most people, if they can afford it; will chose the Luxury Sports Sedan. In hearing aids, the priceses aren’t that much different for
something as precious and important as HEARING and COMPREHENDING and EJOYING LIFE.

Of course if you really want the ultimate get both. :slight_smile: :rolleyes: :wink:
More than a few people have two cars.

Thanks Again
Good Luck…

Pures. And yes, I’m Pure biased, but you listed more positive reasons for the Pures than you did for the Zons. It also sounds as though the feedback problem is better through adjustments and maybe the audi can tweak it a little more.

But, only you hear via either set, so even if one has more features than the other choose the one that sounds the best over all.

thanks2 I disagree with you car analogy, but only from the arrival perspective. I think in the Miata the driver arrives aware, excited, and feels more alive. In the Lexus the driver arrives in a un-aware, lethargic, and bored almost to the point of falling asleep. LOL. But, you are correct that most people will opt for the Lexus.

I appreciate everyone’s input.

Bluetooth capability is not something I need right now. Is wireless capability the same as bluetooth capability?

Are folks more optimistic that the feedback/entrainment problems I have with the Pures are more easily resolved than the noise problems I have with the zons?

Wireless in this context to me means that the aids communicate with each other and a remote - so when you push a program button on one aid the other changes; or when you adjust the volume with the remote, it adjust both aids.

Can you point me to something like a news article that says that Starkey will introduce a new instrument? I’d like to show it to the audie and ask her about it. Getting a Starkey with volume control would be an ideal situation for me. Thanks.

I completely empathize with your frustration in finding a HA that provides both a pleasant hearing experience and suits your dynamic and active life style!

Would it be completely out of the question to trial another brand/model of HA? From your assessment of the two choices before you, it doesn’t appear to me that either of these models fulfills your personal needs… Needs and desires that ARE completely realistic!!!

If you’re thinking of waiting for the release of the Starkey w/remote that Xbulder mentioned, maybe trial, say… a Phonak product in the mean time?

From reading back on your posts, It seems that you’ve have a very long and frustrating journey. I know it’s exhausting, but I’d encourage you to not to settle on something that annoys you the least! Don’t give up, You deserve better!

You took the words out of my mouth. I have been working with the audie for close to two months now, and I still don’t have a pair of HAs that work the way I think they should for the money I’m paying. I’m wondering what my audie’s reaction will be if I tell her that I want to wait until Starkey’s next instrument comes out. I called Starkey, BTW, and I was told that that they won’t give out any details about their new instrument because announcements, if any, would be made in April at the AAA meeting. I’m perfectly willing to let her keep the money I’ve given her and wait until April, but I wonder if she will agree to that. . . Also, that depends on whether Starkey will begin selling the new HA in April.

ccvickers exactly posted what I would have. Why find yourself having to compromise between these 2 aids, when you should be able to get the sound quality, noise reduction and other features and benefits in one package, and not have to choose between imperfect subsets.

one instrument that would allow you to control the balance between confort and control is the Unitron Yuu, you can adjust it yourself in realtime with the remote control