Pure 700 Manufacture Date by Serial Number

Does anyone know the significance of the Siemens serial numbers on the aids? The RIC receiver units also have serial numbers.

I am assuming it in like the VIN number on automobiles, each number or letter has a meaning…

I am seeking to determine when Best Sound 2.0 was actually introduced and if the set I acquired new in the box on April 9th, 2010 includes the new version.

Is there a way to tell other than visiting or speaking with the dispenser?

You obviously don’t trust your dispenser - just return the aids and get your money back.

Life’s too short to worry if you have the latest software version or not.

Why not just ask your Audi?

If it’s anything like my Audi, it might be a while until she was able to get back to me.

ED, who peed in your Wheaties?

I am sorry this appealed to you as a negative about my dispenser. I love my dispenser, but she is on vacation and I preferred to get an answer sooner rather than later. I did not expect to get such feedback from a forum member of your esteemed caliber. Instead, I was hoping for an informed, intelligent response from someone who has the facts. Your conjecture is poorly received. If someone does know the answer to my question, feel free to send me a PM. Thanks!

You can simply call Siemens at 1-866-210-1037 and give them your serial numbers. They will be able to tell you straight away.

I’d ask for your serial numbers, but I wouldn’t be able to tell anyway. Many times the serial numbers contain the year they were manufactured, but the numbers mean little else to any who doesn’t work for the manufacturer. We audis just use them as tracking devices :slight_smile:

dr. amy

Dr. Amy,

Thank you for providing this helpful information! I will follow through with your advice.