PURE 501 vs. 701


I am a 34 year old male, after enduring hearing loss since childhood I’ve finally decided to try some hearing aids. My audiologist has told my my best two options are the Siemens Pure 501 or 701. She has told me the 701 will do a better job for me if I have trouble hearing noises coming from all directions (like my kids in the backseat, or people talking to me in a busy restaurant). The price difference is substantial…($1,200 CAN). Any thoughts?

Also any thoughts on the Tek, is it worth the extra $550?



I would refrain from using “best two options” in general. Let’s call it your great starting point as there are numerous options in hearing technology available to you. You have what we call a ‘cookie-bite’ loss.
The TEK is only worth it if you are going to use the options on it.

My suggestion is always try and hear for yourself. If you are not happy with the sound quality, move on to another hearing aid. When I say sound quality, think of how you would assess the sound quality of a pair of speakers in the store… hearing aids can sound very different when comparing model to model.

I hope this helps. If you need more help, just ask.


there’s no particular difference between 501 and 701. PURE 501 it’s enough. the tek is fantastic

hi ,i suggest you to have a trail 701 and 501, quality wise both are good ,here in india the tek is given free of cost when purchased binaurally.i suggest to think of it , the cost for 701 pur per piece is around 3770$ and TEK is free when you buy at a time,offcourse technology has changed now each and every company has all these models only premium level hearing aids are very expensive,you can buy from india and programme it in your home town a there is international warranty all over the world.

Well, 501’s have been ordered, should get them next week. I’m going to wait for the minitek…Tek seems so bulky and obtrusive. Anyone from the UK of elsewhere tried the minitek yet?

You can find a review of hearing aids at this site: I have worn Starkey for quite a few years and have not been very happy with them. A friend told me about getting aids at Costco. I am going down next week to try them out. Check out this web site which ranks hearing aids from 1-10. Siemens is at the top