Pure 312 Nx5 hearing aids and Apple watch 4

Hi I have signia Pure 312 Nx5 hearing aids and they are set for iphone with mycontrol App, but would like to have it for Apple Watch 4 with iphone app so I can see and use app on my Apple Watch. Is it a wrong program I use or can sign fine app not it

Hi I have signia Pure 312 Nx5 hearing aids, does anyone know if it works with apple watch 4.

I am not aware they have a stand alone app for Apple Watch. It would be great if they did .Hearing Aids Compatible with Apple Watch

  • Starkey Halo iQ. Halo iQ, powered by the Synergy Platform, is the third generation of Starkey’s award-winning Made for iPhone hearing aid. …
  • ReSound LiNX 3D,
  • Oticon Opn. …
  • Widex BEYOND and Evoke
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VCMy husband has just purchased a pair of Signia Pure Nx 3 rechargeable… He was asked to bring his iPhone with him at the first fitting. But I’m assuming that could be just to pair them. Ahh No, I’ve just looked and found several Signia apps on the iPhone…

@torbenpetersen69 Somewhere in the forum Abram has put a document about the best Hearing Aids of 2019. In that you will find that it’s only the Signia Stilleto connect that has Apple Watch connection. Not the Pure Nx.


Deaf_piper you very much

The Styletto has the same NX platform. They just have a slimmer form.

The problem is that the styletto can connect to the apple watch and it can’t Nx, I’ve been told.