Pure 13BT firmware updates



Does anyone know of a way to find out when Signia releases new firmware. Or better yet is there an avenue for Signia information outside of my Audi? He obviously has other things to do than track firmware that I’m waiting for. In this case the “Power On Volume Level Indicator” (the midpoint indicator sound when adjusting volume up and down) somehow doesn’t work in these new ALDs. A couple of months ago my audi called Signia to see about it and they said there would be a firmware update soon that fixes it. Yesterday I went in for the update but unfortunately this fix was not in the latest firmware updates. It sure would be nice if there was some way to keep tabs on this kind of thing without having to regularly bother the audi to take look for updates. There’s also some minor bluetooth quirks that I’m hoping will get fixed as well.

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In generally the fitting software would check the current version of Firmware in your Heading Aids, determine if a Firmware update is available, and prompt you to update the Firmware. It works that way for Oticon and I suspect that Signia would be the same or similar.

So if you self program your hearing aids with a wired programming device then you will know when a Firmware update is available. Otherwise you might become aware of it here in these forums, or from your Audi.

I wouldn’t worry too much about Firmware updates unless you have a problem.


That’s pretty much how it works with Signia too. And I do have a problem that Signia is supposedly providing a fix for in a firmware update. I went to the audi yesterday and got the latest updates but the fix I want still isn’t there. So I was hoping to find an alternative to bugging my audi on a regular basis to see if there’s an update.


You could try calling Signia. I would think they could let you know.


I think you’re right. I’ve been of the assumption that I’d never get to someone that could tell me but I will try and see what happens.


Sometimes my responses include issues that are outside the scope of the OP. Bad habit of mine. Sorry if it was confusing.


I have an appointment w/ my Audi next week. I’ll. Ask


Just curious what your problem is.