Purchasing ear hooks

I try to avoid a visit to the audio office as much as possible and would like to buy some hooks for my Resound ha’s. I presently replace my own tubes successfully and feel I can do the same with the ear hooks if I could find them. Does anyone out there know of a source to purchase ear hooks? Please advise. Thankyou

I was looking for open domes for my oticon duals and was able to find them by searching google and I found they could be gotten from amazon.com. It is possible that you could do the same and find them from a supplier on the internet.
I use the internet to get things that I need when ever possible.

Does anyone have experience with Music Link or NoiZfree ear hooks?

Which one do you prefer?

I’ve gone through 3 pairs of Music links ear hooks for my 14 year old son. He likes them lots but they are delicate and break easily. If you can put them away without scrunching them into a ball in your pocket or leaving them where the cat can chew on them they may last longer for you.
Good luck.

Have you tried calling your office and asking if they’d be willing to mail them to you?

A lot of my patients are comfortable changing tubing, earhooks, etc. on their own and I’m more than happy to mail them what they need rather than requiring them to come in and see me. I always stress that I’d love to see them in person and do the work for them, but have no qualms with sending them what they need if they want to save on gas or have some other reason for not wanting to come in. If your professional charges you for follow-on visits I could see where they might object, but (assuming they’re like most offices and offer free follow-ups for life) they’d be silly to turn you down!