Purchasing Costco Kirkland Signature hearing aids on eBay

My senior Dad with cognitive decline has lost his $4000 in-ear hearing aids while in his nursing home. He has many clear moments and days - and being able to hear conversations, on video and regular phone calls, and through nurses masks is much helped by hearing aids.

I inquired if Costco could sell him/me hearing aids even if he could not “come outside” for the testing/fitting. They said no - the person they are for must be present. Could I get my senior Mom (they are divorced) to go with me to “buy” the hearing aids- and I could just send them to him on the ‘inside’ - and get help prgramming them better for him by nurses there or have them send them out to me?

I have found variious Kirkland Signature hearing aids on ebay - how can I be sure of which ones I can program myself.

I know this is not ideal but to get him out of the home requires so much Covid protocol (and risk) that I don’t think it can be done.

How can I get some decent hearing aids - programmed neutrally - and send them in to him. It will be better than nothing - which he has now.

Are there basic “turn up the volume” controls on Kirkland hearing aids I find on ebay - are there any models to focus on/stay away from.

Thank you for your thoughts/advice in how to help him from afar.

You could do everything yourself for him, so long as you have his audiogram you can provide programming to his loss, get the KS9 from Costco and buy the Noahlink programmer from eBay, members here will supply the phonak target software as well.
Failing that you could try to see if you can get a “in house” audiologist to visit him.

Good luck

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