Purchasing batteries in volume

I had 3 years of batteries supplied to me when I purchased my Oticon OPN1 HA. Now, I have to get my own. Where is the best place to buy them in bulk?

312 batteries.


I get boxes of ZeniPower - each box has 10 cards with 6 batteries per card, and I buy a few boxes at a time. I get them at Amazon

I tested the ZeniPower in my aids with a few different brands to see if they die quicker. I’d put one brand in the left, and Zeni in the right until they failed. Then I reversed left and right to see if one of my aids draws more power than the other.

I found no significant difference between Zeni, Ray-o-vac, Duracell, and BJ’s store brand except the price.

Of course that’s with my hearing aids, I don’t know if all brands or models would have similar results.

I hope this helps.

Buying batteries from this site is a great way to save money and support this forum.
Just tap the Shop icon at the top of any page.


The batteries I have purchased through this site are always fresh and good quality. The price is also competitive.

I don’t generally purchase batteries more than a year in advance. They lose capacity as they age and it just isn’t worth the small price savings.

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I order from


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I also buy batteries (and wax guards) from this site. Long dates, good prices, fast shipping, and as mentioned supports this site.

I just swing by Costco and get 2 cards totaling 96 units for under $20 every now and then.

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Thanks. I didn’t now I could buy batteries here. I’ll check it out. It’s good to support someone who is supplying a service to me.

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Costco. And you can order on line.