Purchasing a used hearing aid on eBay

My Phonak Vaida V70 crapped out so it went back to my doctor and on to the Phonak hospital. Two to three week for repair.

My backup is an old, old ReSound that still works somewhat. The volume goes up and down in waves. However, one channel appears stable, albeit at a lower volume than is comfortable.
So, I am searching for a decent backup aid that can be used now and later when my original aid is returned.

I am looking at a used HA, identical to my a Phonak. I don’t know if my PhD audiologist will reprogram this used aid? Do unprogrammed HA have any functionality? Do the have a generic program that I can use immediately? This is so frustrating with everything closed!
Thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice!

You need to contact your audiologist or fitter and ask them if they will program used aids. If they will you need to share your audiogram with us so we can help you find the right aids for your hearing loss.

Thanks for the reply, but my original phonak Naida V70 works fine. That’s why I simply will purchase a use one as a back up.

Why not just program your own, no need to waste your time with any clinic, super easy to do, just buy your used HA and a iCube ll from eBay, you’ll be able to get the target software from here at no cost.

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