Pulse hearing aid

Dose anyone know anything about the pulse hearing aid? I was told there is not much difference bewteen the delta 6000 and the pulse, just that the cost is less.
Ant infro would help. I am now trying a delta 6000 for a 2 week period.

On paper, they are fairly similar.

Everyone has their personal favorites and I would prefer using the Delta 6000 over the Pulse, as the Delta’s work very well, especially as the directional microphones are positioned properly, unlike most other open fit hearing aids.

thank you, I have just 1 more question. Since I am now trying the 6000 model and I like it the Dr. said wait until they let me try the 8000 model but it is a lot more money. Is the 6000 just as good? so I don’t have to spend the extra $1,800 more for the 8000.

The Delta 6000’s are very good. The 8000’s are slightly better for enhancing the higher pitch sounds, for example, to enjoy music a little better.

The 8000’s directional microphone system works a little better and is frequency dependent. But, if you are already doing well with what you have, why switch?

Hope this helps you out.

My batterys only last 1 week, is this normal? ( for the delta 6000 )

I only get 4 days of my battery life out of Delta 8000

That seems terrible to me. I had a siemans and the battery life was 1 month and now I have the Delta 6000 and I throught something was wrong with the unit because it seems every Sat. I am putting in a new battery.
Did you evey try the Delta 6000? If so why did you go for the 8000?
My hearing aid place wants $3,200 for the 6000 and $5,400 for the 8000. What would you do since you are wearing the 8000 noe.

Thanks, Susie

:slight_smile: I just came back from my hearing appt. and she took the 6000 back and gave me the 8000 for 2 weeks to see which ones I like best. It has only been 3 hours so far and I think I think the 6000 is for me, only because the water is sounding louder and road noises are also loud.
Why did you go with the 8000?

the pulse looks great on brochure, the charger looks real cool
bernafon has a new BRITE similar to delta
and the 312 bat in audeo should last longer


The battery life on the Delta will be roughly 100 hours of use so most users will change batteries roughly once a week. This is quite normal with the size and battery.

If you want a small open fit hearing aid, the Audeo may be a great choice as it uses a size 312 battery instead of the size 10 for longer battery life.

They should be in the same price range else as the Delta 6000 & 8000.

Does it matter what company I go with to get the size 10 battery I need for the Delta? Is there really a difference?

Does it make any difference what company batterys I buy? If so can you tell me why? It is for the Delta 6000 size 10


Phonak has come a bit late with the Audeo, the deltas came a while ago…
I would honestly try oticon Epoq (however, i must say the audeo is a good choice. But for bang for buck you can get a Moxi which is also made by Phonak (right?) or maybe a Bernafon Brite

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Funny…when I’ve trialled the Delta 6000 & then the 8000 on a number of client’s they typically rated the 8000 significantly higher in noisy environments like cafes etc.

Also, I’d agree the size 10 battery is a pain in the neck. I’ve fitted Phonak Audeo and Bernafon Brite (both 312 batteries) and they go well. Also if aid size doesn’t concern client reports on the OOticon Epoq have been awesome…altho I’ve only just started fitting them.