Provider broken the 3 years warranty. What should I do?

I bought on June 2017 my 13BT Signia HAs. He told me I would have a 3 year warranty.
On February 2019 I sent my hearing aids for repair. He had to give me a new 13BT HAs.
5 months later, On July 2019, the HAs has the same problem like the previous ones. I contacted to the provider and said me:
“I’m very sorry but I will not work on your hearing aids any longer. Best of luck”

I am very impressed and disappointed. He has broken the 3 years warranty.
What should I do?

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Do you have anything in writing that proves the 3 year warranty?
Signia should back that up.

Good luck

By the way, this seller at first did not answer. So I wrote to Sivantos to ask if they could contact the seller because he was ignoring me and they told me that the sellers are independent and that they have their own policies and that Sivantos all could do was recommend another seller to inspect my hearing aid because Signia can’t receive my hearing aids directly.

Yesterday I wrote to Signia USA. I did not receive answer yet. But I guess they are going to say something similar about the independence of sellers.

Anyway, the warranty is from the seller or from Signia?

I am not an expert at all.
I would think the warranty is from Signia. Can’t imagine a HIS or audiologists warranting Aids.

What problem are you actually experiencing? Doesn’t seem right to me that a clinician can just say that after a hearing aid failure and wash their hands of you as a patient so could be worth contacting the ombudsman regarding your treatment - How many appointments have you had with the clinician? are you having to attend the clinic regularly?

3 years is a pretty standard warranty for manufacturers so if you can find another place to service them then they should still be covered under warranty.

File a claim in small claims court and when he wants to settle make sure he pay your filing fee.

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The warranty is through the manufacturer. So you should be good if you find another pro to help you. Do you have any type of service agreement from the first pro?

My understanding (correct me if I’m wrong) of the economy of this business is that of the price you pay, part goes to the manufacturer, and part goes to the provider for the setup, tuning, and service.

You may have exceeded your provider’s “desired” level of service, but they are probably under certain obligations from the manufacturer.

What I would do is start with the manufacturer. Tell them who your provider is, what they’re refusing now, and ask the mfgr if this is appropriate. If it isn’t ask them what you can do. Maybe they will light a fire under your provider, or at least suggest what recourse you have.

If the mfgr says the provider is obligated but can’t help you from their end, go to your state’s Attorney General’s web site and file a complaint. Rather than just make it breach of contract which you would have to pursue in small claims court, assert that it’s theft of service or fraud. You can try to claim they’re defrauding you by misrepresenting their obligations to provide service.

File the complaint, get a copy of it, and send it to the provider. If you know a lawyer who will attach their letterhead to it with a note that you’ll withdraw the complaint if they honor the service obligations, it will go a lot further.

Just a couple of ideas. But start with seeing what the mfgr says about the situation.

Hello guys.
Sivantos said this:

We are sorry to hear that you have been unsatisfied with your current hearing care professional, the 3 years warranty follows by independent retailers who set their own policies for hearing aids and services. This warranty covers necessary follow-up visits into the price of the instruments they dispense, the actual amount and the type of services specifically may vary. Overall, it is important to discuss what services and maintenance agreements is within the 3 years warranty with your hearing care professional. If you are unsatisfied with your current hearing care professional, you may go to another hearing care professional who is more willing to help assist with hearing health care needs.

I am impressed that Sivantos simply tells me to go to another professional.
I don’t want this to happen to another hearing aid buyer. Just for that I will mention the seller to be careful:
This was a response when I want to send my hearing aids for 2nd time: (first time I sent on February and I need to send again because is failing again.)

Well I am living on Perú and I can’t travel to US.
So I need send my hearing aids to another hearing aid provider on US via DHL.
I guess I’ll have to pay to the new hearing aid provider to send my hearing aid for repair to Sivantos (Sivantos said I can’t send my hearing aids directly to them).

Please guys can you recommend me a reasonable, fair and empathetic hearing aid provider?
I am having a bad time with this problem. Please I hope to get help here.

I am sorry you have had this bad experience. I hope it gets resolved.

But it is a good example for us. It is not just Peru, there is a lot of grift and sleeze and overall bad practices in the US around medical devices and hearing aids.

Just one more reason why I’m sold on Costco

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Sivantos is defrauding your warranty, by washing their hands of the “independent retailers”. They advertise a 3-year warranty but then don’t give it to you. This is intentional fraud, unless there’s some fine print in the warranty that allows them to do this.

The “go to another hearing care professional” is not a solution in this case because they weren’t paid as the first one was.

If this were in the USA I’d say file a fraud complaint with the state attorney general.

Did you get them mail order from “saveonhearingaids”?

I bought the HAs on USA.

Hello. Yes. Bought online.

I guess the problem arises at “bought online” since none of major HA manufacturer support online sales.

AFAIK most online sellers don’t provide really new devices, just after trial devices which were used for some weeks and are sold at low prices without the follow-up and all the bells and whistles of a bundle sale and without warranty.

Each provider I met in Spain told me the warranty is only valid within their chain of stores. There’s no warranty out of their franchise.

After visiting the page of the seller I read their about us page:
“Our Business has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and had never received a complaint.”

Remember them that one complaint is on its way.

Sorry for the late response.

I’m afraid that the online purchase is why you’re getting the brush off from both the seller and the manufacturer. It’s a cheaper way to do it but the higher prices are what supports the businesses that give you the fitting and support services.