Pros and cons of Cielo Life (Siemens open fit)?

My hearing slopes down from 35 (low tones) to 75 (high tones). I’m not hearing as well as I would like with these HAs. For example, I’m making little progress with the LACE program. Wondering whether I need an adjustment or should consider a different type.

I would consider both:

Different Type and Different Audi:

o Different type – A year and a half ago, after much research and trials I chose
a Siemens - Motion.
From many reports on this Forum and my own experience, they did not do as well with
speech as other aids, but they did have other features that I liked.
Dispite a number of retunes with the audi including having a Siemen’s Rep to help,
I still don’t consider them acceptable for what i paid. approx $ 7000.

But what really upsets me is that within a year after releasing these aids,
Siemens came out with a whole new design called “Best Sound” Technology.
They kept their names and models nearly the same.

It supposedly fixes the voice hearing problems.
This should have been a PRODUCT RECALL.
At the very least, We should have recieved this as an “upgrade” .
for either free or for a reasonable price.

You need to by a WHOLE NEW PAIR OF HEARING AIDS. !!!

o Different Audi

Audis specialize in different brands primarily for two reasons:
o They get volume discounts
o They learn how to fit and program one brand. They can do it quickly and therefore
for less cost.

So see a different audi to try different brands of HAs

Good Luck.

Thanks for passing on your experience with Siemens and especially for your explanation of why it may be worthwhile to try other audis/brands. The creative use of language by HA manufacturers doesn’t make our task any easier.

The degree of colusion in the HA industry is very apparent with this issue.

All of them do it. Even with in a vendor’s line.
Comparisons are almost impossible.

The fact that the major HA organizations for both manufacturer and users
have done nothing, nor seem to be planning to do anything to address the issue;
speaks to it’s pervasiveness.

Maybe the new Federal Consumer Watchdog will be able to do something.

Consumer Reports shed a little light on this a year ago…but
you would think that some body could make, and I predict WILL make;
A LOT OF MONEY buy publishing a HA user guide with
common terminology and comparisons.